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Re: Sprite Shop? Sprite Shop.

Postby DarkRider » July 2nd, 2017, 12:59:54 pm

Please add me to the list!
Animation style is sooo tempting! Though i think for now I'll stick with a pitel size artwork at 150k

I would like to get something different this time. Could you do a hellhound?
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Re: Sprite Shop? Sprite Shop.

Postby jmilana » November 18th, 2017, 3:37:04 pm

I would love to get some art of Ginger, my Amberspice Mouse in my signature. My sister gave her to me for Halloween. <3 Maybe a sprite of Ginger sitting on top of an old tree stump, and Pumpkin (Ginger's sister) emerging from a hole in the trunk. I would like there to be some pumpkins with green leaves and stems around the stump. Maybe one large white pumpkin and a few smaller orange ones? So two Amberspice mice and a background. Signature size, for 350k, if you don't mind. Or if you need more gold for something like this, that's fine too. Just let me know! :wave:

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