LTB SB Hatchlings: Koredanuki & Platypus

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LTB SB Hatchlings: Koredanuki & Platypus

Postby kipwi » June 3rd, 2019, 8:44:19 pm

Ya girl just rediscovered gold mining :D Time to splurge!



Seriously, how can you not love these floofballs. So cute, yet so hard to find in the stream ):
Looking for SB hatchlings! Percentage doesn't matter.
Will pay 2k per hatchling!

Lakiran Platypus

Looking for SB hatchlings! Percentage doesn't matter.
Will pay 800g per hatchling!

Thank you <3

<3 Want to trade lineage babies? PM me! <3
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Re: LTB SB Hatchlings: Koredanuki & Platypus

Postby prettypretties » June 14th, 2019, 8:12:32 pm


we have 6 platypuddles for you if you want! they're in a protected tab, so feel free to click:

and we'd be willing to stream-catch koredanuki for you, so long as you don't mind it taking a while. we check the stream a lot and can be pretty quick at grabbing eggs. we see koredanuki eggs maybe once a fortnight on average? so if you like we can go for any we see and send the ones we get your way after they hatch. you'd just occasionally get a trade from us with a little fluffball in it until you tell us you don't want any more. does that sound good?

we'd be happy to catch you some more platypus too if you want them, that'd be much quicker and simpler since they flood. hatching eggs can take us a couple of days though, so leaving space for icyfloofs we can probably get you about 4 every 2 days or so if you like. do you have a total for how many you want?

also, we agree - they're all completely adorable. ^_^ such cute little fuzzy blobs. <3
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❤ thankyou all so much for the wonderful gifts! ❤
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Re: LTB SB Hatchlings: Koredanuki & Platypus

Postby yayanime94 » June 14th, 2019, 8:36:26 pm


i have these two :wave:

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