Rules of Conduct - Hall of Speakers subsection

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Rules of Conduct - Hall of Speakers subsection

Postby Morgaln » February 8th, 2011, 8:23:27 pm

1. Part of the whole
All the rules of the Rules of Conduct apply

2. Appropriate behavior
It needs repeating that this is a PG-13 forum. That means all the rules governing PG-13 still apply, regardless of the topic at hand.

3. No spam
This is a place for serious discussions. Stay on topic and confine general gossip and generic horsing around to the appropriate sections (Reindeer Games or Popsicle Stand). We will be less tolerant of off-topic comments and chats in this section.

4. Literacy
A higher level thought is expected out of most posts in this section. Discussion means not only stating your point, but also giving the reasons behind it. This is not the place to post 'gotcha last!!!! he he he he', nor is it the place to simply go 'you're wrong' without calm, courteous elaboration of what led to that conclusion. Please also make sure to keep some rules of grammar and interpunctuation.

5. Change of direction
If you want to change the topic of a discussion you started, you may edit the first post, but any changes must be marked clearly, so as not to invalidate the previous answers.

6. Public threads
Once you have created a thread in this area, you may not lock it. These are shared discussions and you are not allowed to end a discussion just because you might not like the answers you got. For that reason, the option to lock own topics has been disabled for regular users in this area. Only moderators may do so.

7. No flaming
The no Flaming rules have been expanded for this section due to the sensitive nature of many of the topics that can be discussed here.
  • Deliberately insulting one another is considered a form of flaming.
  • Being insulted first is no excuse to insult them back. Hit the report button instead and leave it to the moderators.
  • Just because there is no profanity in the statement doesn't mean it is not an insult.
  • A statement of disagreement is NOT in and of itself an insult ("You're an idiot and you're wrong" is an insult. "I disagree with your position because of X, Y, and Z, and have you considered these other circumstances?" is not an insult.)
  • There are topics that people feel very passionately about. When discussing such topics take extra care to listen to the person or people you are discussing with and pay attention to their side as well as your own. They may be every bit as passionate about it as you and BOTH sides are responsible for keeping the discussion polite and not turning it into a flame fest or blame game.
  • No Name calling.
  • You do not have to agree with each other, but you will treat each other with respect. (Note: that doesn't mean you have to pretend to agree with everything everyone says, but when you disagree, do so politely.)
  • No proselytizing. This is not just for religious discussions. Discussions of the pros and cons of various view points is fine. "You must believe what I say (be it about politics, religion, or social issues) because if you don't you're <insert dire consequence or some variant on 'a bad person' here>" is not.
  • Some subjects are a very fine line to walk to keep discussions from turning into arguments, do your best and if it's getting out of hand tell a moderator immediately.
  • The report button exists for a reason, use it, preferably before things get completely out of control and the thread has to be shut down completely.

8. Violations
Access to this forum is a privilege, not a right. Those repeatedly breaking the rules or turning discussions into flame fests will loose the privileges of posting in this section either temporarily or permanently depending on the nature of the infraction.
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