The It's Comfy but Probably Not Cool Thread

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Re: The It's Comfy but Probably Not Cool Thread

Postby allicatlane » February 11th, 2012, 12:13:24 am

Sweat pants.. :cool:
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Re: The It's Comfy but Probably Not Cool Thread

Postby Nexxie » February 13th, 2012, 12:14:02 pm

I'm the kind of person that other people shake their head at when seen walking down the street or walking on campus on my comfy days. I'm from the bitter cold of Wisconsin. That means in winter, we're lucky if it stays above 20 degrees for any length of time. (This year has been a wonderful exception where we're experiencing minimal snow and highs for 40+ degrees.)

Anyways, on my comfy days, I go for either pajama bottoms or shorts. SHORTS. SHORT SHORTS. Flips flops and a sweater. Because my torso gets cold but my legs don't? Who knows. It's just how I roll.
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Re: The It's Comfy but Probably Not Cool Thread

Postby AmazingGrace » February 14th, 2012, 4:42:36 pm

Soleil wrote:If I'm at home, I'm usually in shorts (basketball-type, satiny and long to my knees) and a t-shirt. That is my comfy. That's my pjs as well. I can't sleep in pants. I can't sleep in just undies.

I HAVE to have shorts on. I also cannot have t-shirts that are too big, or too small. If they are too big, they wrap around me and I wake up to fix it. I hate that. If they are too small, they ride up and expose skin which leads back to the "can't sleep in undies" rule with me.

Absolutely NO socks in bed.... it drives me CRAZY to have anything on my feet with them under the covers. I hate it.

I'm the kind of person though that it doesn't bother me to lounge in jeans. I find my jeans very comfy. I immediately strip off my dress slacks/dress shirts and go for the shorts when I get home from work.

Long story short: I love my comfy boys basketball shorts.

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Re: The It's Comfy but Probably Not Cool Thread

Postby Dauntless » February 17th, 2012, 8:23:48 pm

allicatlane wrote:Sweat pants.. :cool:

This raps a lot of it up.
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Re: The It's Comfy but Probably Not Cool Thread

Postby TxCat » February 18th, 2012, 11:23:27 pm

Please remember that a bit more discussion is required of the House of Speakers threads. "Me too" type answers are not acceptable. Tell us about your favorite clothing in that style if you're agreeing with someone --- what color, what cut, even where you like to get them, what you do with them when they're worn out, how they make you feel. Remember, threads like these are more like cafe conversations than drive-by hall chats.

-- TxCat, moderator House of Speakers
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Re: The It's Comfy but Probably Not Cool Thread

Postby Enchanteddil » February 20th, 2012, 7:57:25 am

When I am at home, I wear cotton dresses. They are either sleeveless or with very short sleeves and reach just below my knees. I am totally comfortable in them as the temperature here can get rather uncomfortable and also because I do most of the work around the house.

When I was young (teens and early twenties), I used to wear only shorts and pants, not a single dress. But after I got married, I stopped wearing pants when I go outside. I prefer skirts and blouses. The skirts usually reach my ankles and blouses are rather body fitting (not tight, but not very loose either). The only "pants" I wear are the track bottoms at the gym.

When I go for weddings, I always wear a Sari with matching jewelery. I prefer to wear it in the "Kandyan" way as the jewelery that you can wear with it are beautiful <3

Shoes - when I am at home, flip flops. When I go outside for usual rounds, I prefer something flat or with a small heel. If not, I prefer high heels as I am on the short side (5ft 2 inches). I love shoes, I love collecting them as well.

We do not wear hats here in Sri Lanka. It's just a no, for any occasion. I personally do not like scarves either as again, it can become very hot here. So wearing scarves would be very uncomfortable (unless you are in the hill country).

To me, no matter what I wear, it is very important that I look feminine. Perhaps the reason I grow my hair long is also because of that (well below my butt). Whatever the occasion (except when I am at home where comfort is more important than style), I simply have to dress "nice". Everything, up to my shoes and hair have to be neat and tidy.

No matter what type of dress I choose, I try to choose light colours, although I really love dark colours. The reason is because I am tan in complexion. When I wear dark colours, my skin looks darker and I am not very happy about it. If I really like a certain dress or a sari and even if they happen to be dark, I buy them anyway :)
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Re: The It's Comfy but Probably Not Cool Thread

Postby TheStrangeWeirdo » March 6th, 2012, 7:34:56 am

Hmm. For some reason I REALLY like board shorts. Maybe it's because I can just throw my shirt to the side and jump into a pool if I want, but I've just always liked wearing them, and almost my whole wardrobe for pants/shorts is just board shorts. xD
I guess the design or colour doesn't really matter to me. I like black, gold, and red. I have these wonderful boardies which are black with gold markings. The left legging has diagonal straight dotted gold lines, and the right has some sort of golden pattern, it's really nice. I also like black and white, I have a good pair of black and white board shorts, the pattern is really nice.

There's this awesome shirt (it's getting a bit big for me now, sadly) when is soooooo comfortable. It's so light and comfy, I love it. The design is also nice, it's gray with three black skulls that have a feather sticking out of the top of their heads. Weird, but very comfy.
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Re: The It's Comfy but Probably Not Cool Thread

Postby aquamarinesea » July 12th, 2012, 8:11:08 pm

The minute I get home from school I cant wait to get out of my school clothes , every day I dread slipping into my tight low cut tee shirts , tight jeans and uggs ... fiorst i throw my straightend hair up into a bun and change into my big baggy grey sweatpants , and throw on one of my motorcycle tee shirt's (Okay i just happen to have alot of motecycle t-shirts even if i hate motorcycles?) motorcycle tee shirts just kinda make me feel comfy like im just about to fall asleep or something , sitting on the sofa watching a movie with a bowl of buttery popcorn in my hand in a motorcycyle tee shirt. AMAZING.
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Re: The It's Comfy but Probably Not Cool Thread

Postby CasinWolfe » July 16th, 2012, 8:09:30 am

I comfiest in jeans that aren't tight - I rather they be a little too loose than a little too small. I also feel the most comfortable in either a loose but shaped t-shirt (still a girl's shirt, just not tight) with a high-ish neckline (not right at my neck but not so low that I have to worry about flashing people when I bend over) or a rib tank-top so long as it's not tight. (I just really hate tight clothes, can you tell?) I like these clothes in particular because they're easy to move around in, but I can still go out in them if I need to. Also I'm just really lazy and if I don't want to shave my legs one week I don't have to, since the jeans cover my legs. I also really hate layers, and I like leaving my arms bare because I'm from way up north and I used to have to wear layers and sleeves most of the year so now that I'm in florida I finally don't have to. I actually find these comfier than my pajamas, maybe because my pjs are just oversized t-shirts and short shorts.
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Re: The It's Comfy but Probably Not Cool Thread

Postby tygrineheart » August 12th, 2012, 12:06:03 pm

personally, I don't give much thought to what i wear but I do try and look nice (Not to old fashioned) otherwise people would tease me. I love wearing jogging bottoms and baggy tops with a hoody when I'm not trying to look amazing. :) I love this thread so much!
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