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Re: Non-Binary Genders

Postby AthanNyx » November 7th, 2018, 3:52:45 am

What gender do you recognize as/what pronouns do you use?
I am bigender who prefers to be androgynous online and i prefer they/them pronouns due to this. I'm not going to be fussed how you guess my gender as though. -grins-

How do you feel about non-binary genders?
Oddly... Complicated as someone who technically counts as non-binary. See... On the one hand I think they are perfectly valid identifiers and identities. On the other hand I think there should be a distinction between gender, sex and gender expression. See... Let me explain my perfective.

A lot of non-binary genders tend to be genders that can fit into their broad category gender as their own sort of still in the gender. Something like a tomboy, which is a boyish girl that still identifies as a girl, would still count as a girl. By identifying them as their own genders rather than as sub genders or identifiers I feel it muddies the waters of helping people understand the concept.

On the other hand i do totally think that one can feel more masculine or feminine in a day. Or can be more androgynous. Or can be a not stereotypical male or female. I think there should be more acceptance into the idea that there can be a spectrum of femme/butch in female or equivalent in male that one can identify as an expression while not muddying the waters of understanding biological sex or trans. As it is non-binary genders get treated like trans, as though trans are just choosing a gender expression rather than being in distress, and sort of diminish the issues of dysphoria trans people face to the point where people throw trans into a wash with non-binary.

Do you thing gender neutrality when not talking about specific individuals is important?

Oh totally. I think it's fair to assume she or he if someone is dressed as a she or he but if you don't know or it's quite obvious someone is going for androgynous I think they/them is fair.
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