Do you have anxiety???

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Re: Do you have anxiety???

Postby AthanNyx » November 7th, 2018, 3:29:10 am

I have a lot of anxiety and I'm probably depressed. Anyways... A lot of it is failing to adult but also regular standard situations.

Then there's not knowing where to start for coming back onto this site so I end up just finding a place that is appropriate to talk in. And even then I'm having anxiety as to whether this is some type of necro posting... Gah!
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Re: Do you have anxiety???

Postby puffyfluff720 » November 7th, 2018, 3:31:51 am

i have anxiety it is only minor migraines though nothing bad really
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Re: Do you have anxiety???

Postby Rilletroll » December 5th, 2018, 8:51:54 am

I used to have severe social anxiety back in school, i would get so anxious about anything and nothing at the same time. Sometimes i would frequently have to go to the nurses office because i would burst out in tears (not that i was sad) but it was like i couldn't control my fear meter, i would get frightened by the smallest things and i would break down because of it. This lead to me ditching classes because the thought of a group of people in a room frightened me i guess. I got in school counselling but it was terrible and only make it worse because they kept assigning me to this one counsellor which i did not get along with. So instead i took proper out of school counselling and it still didnt help and only got worse and i ended up leaving there too because they would keep changing my counsellor. I managed to get a job (i dont even know how that happened) and met some really cool people and im not sure, i just got better and i dont even know how. No counsellors, no silly tricks or counting time to "calm down" it was just me and the world and it felt better. I still have anxiety but not to the level i did before and not at all with people now but rather i get anxious about time and the fact its passing so quickly.
I feel better nowadays.
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