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Re: (OOC)Worlds Turned Upside Down(Multifandom, open & accep

Postby WagickTricks » October 29th, 2017, 8:11:53 am

(I hope this is still open to new people.)
Name: Sam Kablooey
Fandom: ToonTown Rewritten
OC or Canon Character: OC
Appearance: Sam is an average-height, light blue bear toon. He wears a light orange t-shirt and moss green shorts.
Powers: Sam's life force is, to put it simply, laff, or how happy he is; when he goes sad, he cannot fight anymore. Being a toon, he is more resilient to being squashed and has the wonderful hammerspace at his disposal, full of silly gags. He also has a useful schtickerbook, which he can use to teleport to places - though he can't use it properly here, as there is nowhere to teleport to.
Hello! I am also known as Ratyr or Rainmask64.
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Re: (OOC)Worlds Turned Upside Down(Multifandom, open & accep

Postby Wildmoon » September 14th, 2018, 8:07:11 pm

Name: Wild / Echo
Fandom: Both from Wildtale, my Undertale AU
OC or Canon Character: Do they count as Canon if I made a full AU?
Appearance: Long light brown hair, pale-ish skin, magenta eyes, brown tabby cat ears and tail, and barn owl wings. / Semi-long silver hair, pale skin, cyan-blue eyes, white-tipped silver cat ears and tail, and white wings.
Powers: Light Manipulation (Shields, Swords, Illusions, etc.), the 14 Guardians (They're basically spells, but hopefully can't be counted as characters) / Light Manipulation (Weaker than Wild)
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