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Re: Cryptic Rouges OOC

Postby Bluewyrm » May 1st, 2012, 6:06:18 pm

Alas I have no TF2 to talk about now...

Anyway, I'm thinking of bringing in a character from Fergus' hometown to stalk around in the background. There are kinda two possibilities - his raptor friend I mentioned waaaaay back in his bio section (Possible source of 'feds on the trail,' btw), or a human friend who has a (pretty decent) reason to want to see him again. The raptor wouldn't get played like the other double-chars though; he/she's more of an NPC type; so I though it might be a bit of an issue...

Yeah. That's basically it. It would probably take a while for whichever of them to show up, so it wouldn't be relevant for a bit.
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