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Moy Mell Keep: 7 new

PostPosted: May 14th, 2010, 11:56:55 pm
by ellysketchit
Hundreds of Progens!

I'm usually doing my own thing here on MS and will be egg-locked a lot of the time. But I found I needed this thread to keep track of all the lineages I own!

* I sell the lineages I have in tab at my shop
* I'm always looking for levi lineages
* I'm always looking for unwanted progens
* Will gift as many as I can for giveaways, etc

of Kool Aid Smiles, koi
of Flashy Fins, koi
of Chaos, koi + ibex
of PPCHS, direwolf
Heart Cookie, axolotl (eggs)
of Pandemonium, koi + ibex
WaterLily, forest levi

Whoo: the list!

PostPosted: May 14th, 2010, 11:58:23 pm
by ellysketchit
Here is a list of all the Families (progenitors) that I own. Usually I have no rules or anything, and the only thing I ask is that you DO NOT RELEASE (abandon) anything! There's never any need to do this, as you can freeze an egg and send it to Belmos or myself. If you do abandon eggs or pets, I'll place it under the description so others can be warned of your habits.

Colorful Swimmers, koi (glitched, not breeding)
of Kool Aid Smiles, koi
of Flashy Fins, koi
Aries, koi + ibex (Horoscope)
Scales, koi
Ghostbuster, koi (Ghostbusters)
Frenzy, koi
Samurai, koi
Sea Dragons, koi
Baratie, koi + ibex (ONE PIECE)
of Chaos, koi + ibex
Glitch, koi
Capricona, koi + ibex
of Pandemonium, koi + ibex
Corleone, koi (The "Codfather")
Funayurei, koi (Japan Mythology)
Vadum, koi + ibex (HALO)
Unown Waters, koi + ibex
Garona, fire phoenix
grpg, fire phoenix + fire gryphon (GRPG Game)
Flames, fire phoenix + sand gryphon
Eagle, sand gryphon
Portgas, fire phoenix (ONE PIECE)
Fireflies, fire phoenix
Fire Singer, fire phoenix
Bast, fire phoenix
Fyrewiing, ash gryphon + fire phoenix
Api Sayap, fire phoenix
Wright, fire phoenix (Phoenix Wright)
Fyregold, ash gryphon + fire phoenix
Flame, fire phoenix (own 1 progen)*
Banana, fire phoenix + gold gryphon
Cthulhi, kraken (Cthulhu Mythos)
Gurita, kraken
Wood Feathers, sand gryphon
Brutus, sand gryphon + onyx gryphon
Crystalwing, gold gryphon
Bright Feathers, gold gryphon
Soot Feathers, ash gryphon
Child of Mercury, ash gryphon
Daarkling, onyx gryphon
Black Feathers, onyx gryphon
Syetrius, fire gryphon
Fiery Wings, fire gryphon
of Harvest Moon, ice phoenix
Blue Nights, ice gryphon + white pegasus
Ice Wing, ice gryphon + white pegasus
Doge, direwolf
of PPCHS, direwolf
Keep Divider, direwolf
White Spire, direwolf
Cheasuii, direwolf
Calla, direwolf (Stephen King)
Deathwolven, direwolf
Sebastian I, white pegasus
Horsefeathers, black & white pegasus (Groucho Marx)
Cropout, black & white pegasus
Kuda Hitam Bersayap, black pegasus
Dragon paws, manticore + ibex
Hornhill, ibex
Love arrows, ibex
Levi Eggsperiment, tropical levi (eggs)
Chika wow wow, tropical levi
Hellmouth House, storm & tropical levi
of ONE PIECE, tropical levi
Ugarit House, storm + tropical levi
Sketchit, tropical levis
Tsunami, storm + tropical levi
Pastafarian, storm + tropical levi(Hilarious Religion)
Minions of John, trench + tropical
Says rawr, trench + tropical levi
Crystal Seas, tropical levi
Oceans colors, tropical levi
Love Love, storm + tropical levi
Ultramarine, tropical levi
Levi Sake, forest levi
WaterLily, forest levi
Weedy Depths, forest levis
Chavez, forest levi (Loco Roco)
Zoro, forest levi (ONE PIECE)
Numbers, forest levi
Zorome, forest levi (11/11)
Namekian, forest levi (DBZ)
Underwater Wurm, forest + trench levi
Woodland, forest levi
Is a Silly Name, trench levi
Meme, trench levi (Internet Memes)
Aquamarine, trench levi
of the Abyss, trench levi
Tradewinds, trench + storm levi
Cobaltreef, trench levi
Squee, ocean levi
friend of John, ocean levi
Fisherman, ocean levi
Oceanguide, ocean levi
Thunderson, storm levi
Typhoon, storm levi
Tommyknocker, storm levi (Stephen King)
White Squall, storm levi
Sea Unicorn, dark narwhal
Vampire, dark narwhal
Narwhall, dark narwhal
Acronym, light narwhal (Acronyms)
Fruitcake, manticore (Christmas)
Roronoa, manticore (ONE PIECE)
snaketail, manticore
Greenpeltz, manticore
Scarripper, manticore
Pretty Kitty, black & white winged cat
Lembut Cakar, black & white winged cat
Softfur, black & white winged cat
Disco, puvia
Pelangi, puvia
dark spire, chupacabra
Stickleback, chupacabra
Kuda Hijau Laut, kelp hippocampus
Ceffyl Dwr, kelp & coral hippocampus
Evonie, kelp hippocampus
Zorro, kitsune (Zorro the Gay Blade)
FOXDIE, (Metal Gear)
Ninja, chimera
Menakjubkan Singa, chimera
Emerlad wyvern, emerald wyvern
WTF, emerald wyvern
Fern, emerald wyvern
Keroppi, abeoth frog (Hello Kitty)
Time Keeper, (own 1 progen)*
Slayer, roc
of Silvermoon, lunar hippogryph
Sollaris, solar hippogryph
Sky Children, telvian panther
Prajurit, telvian panther
Of Deep Dreams, telvian panther
spottedtail, telvian panther
Black Panther, telvian panther
Of Dark Reality, telvian panther
Seade, silvian alphyn (Irish)
of Gilead, etanian alphyn (Stephen King)
Knotty Dog, etanian alphyn
keep, savannah alphyn
Lionmane, savannah alphyn
Water Horse, nareaun (pearl) quetzalcoatl
Dragonair, nareaun (pearl) quetzalcoatl (Pokemon)
Pride of Dragons, etainian (red & green) quetzalcoatl
Muse, etainian (red & green) quetzalcoatl
Pirate, raza (green & gold) quetzalcoatl
SkyWing, rewin dragon
Sumatran Panda, xand bear
Coconuts, niveus (day) enox (Monty Python)
Tak, baku (Stephen King)
Foo Paws, tenera dog
Bubblebutt, meridian capricorn + ruby koi
Feesh, meridian capricorn
Kadal Bernapas Api, anaugi
Firelizard, anaugi
Dragonizer, anaugi (Power Rangers)
Steamer, coal wyrm
Chopper, bell elk
Parfait, bell & chain elk
Jingle Hooves, bell elk
Whittington, chain elk (British story)
Milberry, chain elk (related)
Sapling, farir
Sweetheart, axolotl
Heart Cookie, axolotl (eggs)
Ikan Merah Muda, axolotl
Pembawa Api, hellhound
in the Inferno, hellhound
Hellsing, hellhound (Hellsing the anime)
Shoop da Whoop, ebbene shark
Egglicious, lakiran platypus (eggs only)
flumpfacebeaverthing, lakiran platypus
Mudpuddle, lakiran platypus
Putih Ungu Kelinci, antelope hare jackelope
Lapin, antelope hare jackelope
Trix, antelope hare jackelope (cereal)
Lightning Love, antelope hare jackelope
Lightning Strike, antelope hare jackelope
Bunnicula, angora jackelope (Beverly Cleary book)
Agnora, angora jackelope
Twin Love, angora jackelope
Kabur Kelinci, angora jackelope
Cocoa, cacao jackalope
BrandNameChocolate, cacao jackalope
Kelinci Bertanduk, cacao jackalope
Sweet Love, cacao jackalope
Sugar Bunny, cacao jackalope
Ortaur, snow shoe jackalope
Snow Love, snow shoe jackalope
Von Economy, snow shoe jackalope
Degas, snow shoe jackalope (artist ref)
Kelcini, snow shoe jackalope
Heart Stomp, brontotherium
Grumpig, cehual boar (Pokemon)
Marsh, cehual boar
Disambiguation, blue crystalwing
GoldenSong, ancient rewin dragon
Monochrome, ice octopus
misteater, mist stalker
Mysterium, mist stalker (Myst)
RAWR, nandi bear
Pearlside, grey pearl wyrm
Metroid, grey pearl wyrm (Metroid game)
Butt Nuggett, light minicorn (eggs only)
is Tranquility, dark minicorn
Soong, tropical tarsier (ST:TNG)
ForestFlower, tropical tarsier
Rose Madder, red rose imp + white (Stephen King)
Sixpenny, sacred scarab
Sketch, N. & S. raza cobra (Monty Python)
Pichiciego, sarvain (real animal)
Sairento Hiru, ashevor (Silent Hill)
Shirokuma, albino nandi bear
Baboom, pale arkai
Misunderstood Spider, sunweaver namista's spider
Cobalt Blue, shadowspinner namista's spider
Seiyuu, hummingbirds (voice actors)
Gunslinger, hummingbirds (Stephen King)
Lucky Ladybug, red vasant beetle (Song)
Clover Fields, ariessa
Psychopomps, sunset & sunrise talvar (Stephen King, spiritual)
Amphisbaenia, amphista
Featherscale, golden pteira crystalwing
Head Crab, viridis crab
Parasect, viridis crab (Pokemon)
Walking Island, vosmari
Snap, chlorophyte + rhodophyte dragon turtle
Tinyzilla, ziraafa
Whistles, caeralis
Finne, caeralis (own 1 progen)*
Fishling, donec fish
Wiffle Bottom, black + white holly jackelope
Anguirus, anklyocroc (Godzilla/Kaiju)
Venison, cervinus deer
Stingy, sun + snow vevex ray
of Ray Ray, storm vevex ray
Croquet Mallet, lucinus bird (Alice in Wonderland)
Dartmouth, monarch + swallowtail lunestre dragon
Doragon Boru, jaktus dragon (Dragon Ball)
Wafflenut, red + brown avrael
Babar, sapphire + ruby kordaetis elephant (Cartoon & Books)
Lung, arcanum +savannah serpaen
Barista, nulorn
Skullmageddon, tenabre fox
Black or White, taijitu beetle
Ballerina, onrosus
Mahna Mahna, tarax (Benny Hill/Muppets)

Re: Elly's Lineages *prepare to LOL*

PostPosted: May 15th, 2010, 12:12:51 pm
by Umbreonage
I'd like a Horsefeathers and a spot on the Meme waiting list please. :3 How much?

Re: Elly's Lineages *prepare to LOL*

PostPosted: May 15th, 2010, 1:28:57 pm
by ellysketchit
The Memes are free - well, the catch is you have to send me any levi in return, LOL!

Horsefeathers are 500g in my shop, but if you have a levi lineage I always swap free for those <3

Re: Elly's Lineages /do you have a levi lineage?

PostPosted: May 15th, 2010, 7:57:37 pm
by Cynthia
Could I obtain a meme? Ocean Levi ready :) Female please?

Re: Elly's Lineages /do you have a levi lineage?

PostPosted: May 16th, 2010, 12:40:38 am
by ellysketchit
Sure! I'll put you on the list right away <3

Re: Elly's Lineages - The Codfather, Bunnicula, Horsefeathers...

PostPosted: May 16th, 2010, 1:53:48 pm
by Fishbone
I Lost The Game Meme popped out a little Tropical. ^^ ' You might wanna change the description from "Trench Levi" to "Levis"? And if you'd like her to gift out, I'd be really happy to -- I think I have too many Memes. XD Thanks, and sorry bout that!

Re: Elly's Lineages - The Codfather, Bunnicula, Horsefeathers...

PostPosted: May 16th, 2010, 2:11:02 pm
by ellysketchit
YAY. :D I love the fact that we could eventually get all the levi types in the lineage! *hugs*

<3 All righty then. :3

...rofl. Is that such a thing? xD There's a Gifting Guild starting, I think, we could start tossing some Memes into that!

Re: Elly's Lineages - The Codfather, Bunnicula, Horsefeathers...

PostPosted: May 16th, 2010, 2:36:14 pm
by Kitsuune
I'd love to be put on the Meme list~
*Sends levi over*

Re: Elly's Lineages - *new* Tommyknockers!

PostPosted: May 16th, 2010, 3:47:37 pm
by ellysketchit
Thanks Kit! I put you on the list for a Meme <3