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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby InsanityWolf » December 5th, 2011, 5:19:55 pm

I'm looking for two rp partners for a dragon vs. dinosaur rp!

no real requirements except the fact you have to spell properly and post more then one line.

pm me if interested!

Searching for an RP partner who will want to do a stray cat romance/adventure RP!

Must: Know how to RP, have good spelling and grammar,post at least one paragraph,be online a lot.

Plot: Well I'll need some help with the plot, but i figured the setting could be in a large city.

Cursing and violence are aloud.

there will be multiple characters too.

PM me if you are interested!

Edit: found someone!

Mod Edit: Please use just one post. Thank you.
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby BitterSweet » December 6th, 2011, 1:59:49 pm

Still Searching...

The fact that I've posted on the second page of this thread makes me very easy to overlook and nobody really checks this far back anymore, but I'm still very interested in starting some new RPs. I had a few active RPs before I left for a while but obviously they've died now, and I'd love to start a few more 1x1s now that i'm back.

What I want from a potential RP partner.

RPs I'd be interested in.

Things I will not RP.

I will literally RP pretty much anything. Just send me a PM and if you have a plot you'd like to RP out and I'll tell you if I'm interested or not - the chances are that I probably will be.
If you have a plot, please, send me a PM and I'll tell you if I'm interested. I'm desperate for at least one new RP, so I'm open to a lot of things. Thanks!
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Write to me on my page, it's fun! :D
Honestly just write or post anything on there, I love reading what gets left for me. :D

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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby Faleep » December 6th, 2011, 10:36:19 pm

I am looking for a RP partner. I would like to RP the female, but I do have a couple male characters to RP. I'm not afraid to go to PMs. I can do two~three paragraphs at times, but I do also do one-liners at time also. Please, I would like to be able to read your typing, so not many spelling errors, the occasional one is fine, but not word after word, spelled wrong.

Also, I'll do other types of RPs as well, but I would like to have some romance in it. It does not have to be the main part,

I can do:
MxF (I play the female)

of those, I can do the following plots:
Forbidden romance,
Royalty falls in love with common born,
Dragon rider type of Romance.
Furries!- Yaoi only
Any Romance really, PM me your Ideas!
Magic and wizards
Magic school
Pokemon (if the plot is really, really good)

I'm not afraid to go to PMs.

I'm willing to be flexible, but I would like you to be active. It's ok to go a couple weeks with out posting, if your away, or life things come up (it happens to me) But please don't do it all the time. I respond as soon as I see your post, But, I do have to sleep too! I'm only human! (Though, I wish I wasn't :lol: ). So, I might not reply to a post if It's really late at night. I live in PST time, but I have most of the other time zones memorized.

PM me if interested! :wave:
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby duskfall » December 8th, 2011, 6:44:54 pm

Hi, My name is Duskfall but you can call me Dusk. you have stumbled onto my private role play partner post. Let me start by telling you a few things about me self and how I like to role play and what I would like from a partner.

I love to role play. I have been ding it for about five years. until a few months ago the best I could do was one or two lines a post but over the summer I have been able to add to that and can average about a small paragraph or more per character in a post but that is if a get a good reply . I like role playing for at least two characters or more per thread. I am on most every day unless I am sick or otherwise just can not get on.

I would like a partner who is on at least once a day and who will post a good amount but I am not picky. IF you have a good plot most likely I will role play with you no matter what.

Some of the things I like to role play are

Voltron force
hunger games
warrior cats
shape shifters (( I have a good Idea for this one))
Once upon a time
romance(( I have a couple of plot bunnies for this one))
Avengers (( Show, movie ))
agents of shield
any part of the marvel verse that I can (( I am still learning but If you want to try something I don't know about I will do my best))
I am to trying any plot I like even if it does not fall under any of this and if it is a fandom that I don't know I am willing to learn about it.

I am looking to do any number of rps. my favs to do one on would be,

The hunger games (( I have few plot idea for this.))
Warrior cats (( Again i have a few plots in my head.))
Wolves (( anything wolves))
Romance (( Any kind))
Charmed (( The show about witchs. the power of three))
I am open to other ideas but if i do not know anything about it I will need help doing it.
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby Selinea » December 9th, 2011, 5:28:03 am

PM me please! So bored right now...

Minor Changes as of January 19th, 2012.

First, some rules:
    1. You must be able to post at least once every week.
    2. You must have good spelling and grammar.
    3. You must write at least four lines per post.

I would prefer that you...
    1. Give me a link to your other roleplays and/or writing so I can tell if our styles are compatible.
    2. Keep in touch over PM to plan out the plot before our posts/edit our posts to match the plot.
    3. Write in third person

About Me:
Current 1x1 RPs:
With Paddie

With Evermore

Possible plot ideas I would prefer, (in this order)...
(read under spoiler for more specific ideas)
    1. Murder Mystery/Horror (Please? :t-puppyeyes: )
    2. Everyday College Life (only if you're either currently in college or have gone to college recently.)
    3. Medieval High Fantasy
    4. Urban Fantasy
    5. Shonen Anime
    6. Surprise Me! (You never know what I might suddenly feel like writing.)

    I'm flexible with genders and most genres.
    I write a lot of dialogue and tend to either have several side characters or have dual main characters.

I would rather not...
    1. Do something based off of a book series
    2. Write Yaoi/Yuri
    3. Write about Magistream
    4. Write Science Fiction
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby DarkColdWarrior » December 9th, 2011, 10:02:11 pm

Looking for more people

I've only got one active RP right now, and I'd love to start another one with someone. I use to RP a lot and then I stopped getting on a whole lot. I'm a fairly good writer so you don't have to worry about me writing in chat speak or anything. I know how to capitalize and use correct punctuation. I almost always write at least 4 or 5 lines every time that I post.I am on about every day at least 4 hours.

A few little rules

    ~please tell me if you would like to time skip or PM through the sex scenes (if there is any)
    ~I would prefer to be the girl. If I try to be the boy I always end up being a feminine guy
    ~Please keep smileys to a limit
    ~I would like for you to be semi-lit
    ~Please write at least 4 line at a time, though I understand an occasional one-liner

Anyway, I don't really have a plot, but here are things I'm willing to do:
~Het (boy & girl love)
~Paranormal Romance (witches, vampires, etc.)
~Elemental Romance
~Normal High School Romance
~Just about any other romance you can think of, other than animals

Things I am really, really NOT willing to do:
~Anything to do with playing a dog or a cat. (they are really annoying)
~Something media-based (Like Harry Potter or Twilight or something.)

I'm pretty much open to any other suggestions.
OH, and could you please not do one-liners often? I understand it sometimes, but doing it constantly is really annoying.
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby RewinAncient » December 10th, 2011, 2:32:38 am

Looking for 1 more person please

I'm looking for 1 more RP partner for a special little RP. It's about the Guardians in the Keep, like the Allies and such, and all the adventures that happen when you, the magi, aren't there to watch.

A few rules I have for this:

If you'd like, there are links in my profile to RPs I'm in so you can get an idea of how I personally RP. The plot for this RP is basically in the top description so if you'd like to join, PM me. If you'd like more details about this RP, you can PM me for that too.

Here are a few things I absolutely will NOT tolerate:

But other than that, if you don't do the things above that I won't tolerate and you feel like you fit the criteria in the rules section, PM me as soon as you want. Don't hesitate, I'll be waiting :hooray:
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby K4swap » December 10th, 2011, 2:45:50 pm

Still Looking!!!!!

Hello, I've been on Magistream for quite a while, and while I was on this, MagiStream, I picked up a strange habit of loving this...magic called "Role Playing." Now, I am searching for all those who love roleplaying as much as I do and are up for a long-term, fun, time-wasting roleplay.

R e q u i r e m e n t s

You must be Semi-Lit or Adv/lit - This means you must pose at least 3-4 lines in a nice and neat paragraph.
Good Grammar and Spelling - You do not have to be an expert on spelling and grammer, just don't talk in fragments and uncompleted thoughts. And, please, spell a majority of your words right.
No text talk - when roleplaying, tlkng lk ths, does not make for much imagination, or understandable posts.
Frequent Posts - please post at least once a day if not more. If you are planning on a trip, please give me a notice in advanced.

I n t e r e s t s & G e n r e s

Group - herd/pack/clan and other roleplays about a group of creatures or humans and the things that go on in their lives, such as; rivalry, love, adventure, survival
Romance - only "straight" romance though. Forbidden love/regular love?/ ect.
******** PIRATES - I have a plot idea for this, so PLEASE!!! BE INTERESTED!
Animals/Mutants - dragons/wolves/strays/cats/almost anything
Sci-Fi/Fantasy - love fantasy, so give me what you got
Your Ideas - not only do I have my own interests, but there are plots that I haven't thought of. So if you have an idea, I would love to hear

N o - n o ' s / D i s l i k e s

Yaoi/Yuri - please, just no
Super Gory/bloody - it's disgusting
Horror - not sure who likes it, but I definitely don't

Pm me if you're interested and we shall come up with ideas!
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby Castielisinalake » December 11th, 2011, 2:56:23 pm

So, I'm on the hunt for some 1x1 Rps. I want an Axis Powers Hetalia or a Supernatural(The show) RP.
I would like someone who is pretty active, and I will try to match your posts. I am okay with MxM, FxM and FxF. Just mail me or post here if interested~ I have an idea or two I really want to do, and quite a few pairings~

I can do this in threads or PMs, though if we try my idea, then it is most likely to be PMs

Anyway, on to the ideas/pairings etc..

Here are the pairings I will always do if asked. I have bracketed the part I would prefer to play as.



And here's a few ideas if you ever want to try an AU~ And possible great pairs for these ideas~

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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby Mellocheetah2009 » December 11th, 2011, 6:33:26 pm

So, I'm currently back on the hunt for some 1x1 Rps. I want a Naruto RP, mostly the Akatsuki.
I would like someone who is pretty active, and I will try to match your posts. I am okay with MxM, FxM and FxF. Just mail me if interested~ I have an idea or two I really want to do, and quite a few pairings~

A couple of things to keep in mind though:
-I don't mind MxM, in fact I encourage it
-I will always try to match your posts.
-Please try to be active. In the past, on other sites, I have had my roleplays die slowly. It's not fun...
-I don't really like chatspeak.
-I can do this in threads or PMs

Anyway, on to the ideas/pairings etc..

Here are the pairings I will always do if asked. I have bracketed the part I would prefer to play as.


And here's a few ideas for the pairings above~ And possible great pairs for these ideas.

One of the pair is injured, and the other has to look after them

AU Models- A new model arrives in this agency, and the older model takes them under their wing, and soon enough, a romance starts to bloom.
SasoDei, PeinKo

Models- A photographer has a new model. But this model is quite a literal "Diva". So the photographer plans on bringing this model down a few notches, but falling in love? This was an unexpected twist of fate.
KisaIta, HidaKaku, SasoDei, ZeTobi

High school- New student x Trouble student. A new student has started at the High School. A hardworking and "goody-goody" student with good grades, he soon finds himself in the company of another student, who has a great interest in him. But this student is known to have a...not-so-great reputation. They still manage to get passing/good grades, they just...don't really do any of that "goody-goody" stuff. So how will these two manage to get along. And could there be romance in the air?
All pairs above could go pretty well with this theme.

High school-high school/college setting- This plot is loosely based off of a Kingdom Hearts fanfiction named 'I Bought These Skittles on Ebay'
A popular student is asked to try and make the new kid start talking again. They don't realise at first that this kid is actually that kid who was in their first grade class, who moved away after being bullied by them and their friends. Romance blossoms, but what happens when one of them finds out who the other really is?
SasoDei, KisaIta

Demon x Human- Kinda based on Kuroshitsuji. A young, but wealthy noble was taken by members of a cult after the death of their parents. Abused and tortured by their captors, they are used in a ritual and summon a demon. Of course, a contract between the young noble and the demon is formed, and the demon kills the noble's captors and helps them to escape. The young noble returns to their old mansion with the demon as their servant, resuming life as a noble and also becoming a sort of "guard dog" to the ruler of their land. Their job is to investigate and get rid of threats to the country.
All pairings

AU Fairytale- Little Red Riding Hood
A certain person is easily recognised by their bright red hood/headband/etc. They always go through the forest to bring food for their parent/grandparent/other relative. Of course, the village where they live has recently seen the starts of a werewolf stalking the little rural area. This happened quite soon after a woodcutter and his family had moved in. Of course, the son has a little dark secret. He encounters our "Little Red" and they fall in love...but how long is it before the townspeople figure out the identity of the monster which stalks their little village?
SasoDei, PeinKo, KakuHida

AU Fairytale- Beauty and the Beast
A prince was cursed by an enchantress to become a monster. He must find love before the last petal of a rose falls. A child of a father who trespassed onto the Beast's land offers to go and live with the Beast in exchange for the father being set free and left alone.
KisaIta, KakuHida

Prison setting: A young convict has been brought into the jail for a crime they may not have actually commited. They meet their new cellmate, who takes an interest in the other. How will the new convict find a way to survive in the cruel world of jail cells and monsters?
All pairings
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