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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby chubbychoco » April 16th, 2012, 10:47:08 pm

Hey there, everyone!! I'm looking for partners for each of the following RPs. None of these are based in a pre-existing canon, so that means no using pre-existing characters.

Urban Fantasy Setting - found a partner, yay!

Underwater Setting - Somewhere under the ocean, Atlantis lies dormant, having sunk beneath the waves years ago...well, that's what our characters are hoping for, anyway. Atlantis is said to be a mer sanctuary, and with their home waters fished out and the possibility of being discovered looming ever-closer, our characters need somewhere to go. Think 'The Incredible Journey,' but with two merfolk instead of two dogs and a cat.

Space Pirate Setting - Human technology has finally allowed us to visit a nearby galaxy, revealing three new planets - dubbed Juno, Minerva, and Janus. Unfortunately for us, Janusites are a race notorious for their love of pillaging and taking what doesn't belong to them in a very pirate-ly fashion. We'll just sort of start off where it feels comfortable and see where the story goes; I'd prefer to be the pirate, but that's negotiable.

Now then. Some restrictions/encouragements.

- If you want to turn these into romances, I'm only interested in yaoi. I've done yuri and het RPs, and I just don't enjoy them.
- For species in the first RP, please don't be a werewolf or a vampire. I'd like to see something more unusual (not something you made up, please).
- For the second RP, don't think merpeople like Disney's Little Mermaid. Think merpeople like this:

- Be prepared to help me with the story if it starts to go flat. I tend to just sort of...go, and let my imagination take me wherever.
- Literate-only, PLEASE. That means OOC is in (()) or [], punctuation, capitalization, and speech quotes.
- Unless the situation calls for it, no one-line posts.
- Conversely, no crazy-long posts, please. I lose interest.

Okay! Looking forward to finding people! :3
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby SeaCrest » April 18th, 2012, 10:27:38 pm

Not looking currently!

SeaCrest (#22448)
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby Metanoia » April 20th, 2012, 10:07:16 pm

Hi there, I'm Jess and I'll be quick and to the point. I'm like that, so my posts aren't too flowery or long (I'm talking a few paragraphs). My characters also tend to be rather... Normal? I suppose I just am the type of person who likes to see what happens when people who shouldn't be in a situation are forced into it. That said, I love to experiment with different RP types, so I'm open to almost anything. I will not do yaoi or yuri. It's just not me. Romance isn't really my forte, but I can do it so long as the plot doesn't revolve around it. I also tend to let myself out into a character, so I tend to curse a bit. I'd like for a partner to be ok with it, but it's not necessary. I like to be vague with my character because I like seeing how they develop. I am a terrible speller and spell-check isn't perfect. There may be a mistake or two. Sorry. I don't expect you to be perfect, just understandable.

My Internet time can be sporadic, as life will often come after me with rope and drag me away kicking and screaming. I tend to be on at least once a day. If I don't respond within a few days, PM me. I can't remember things too well. Also, if you have a problem with me, tell me. I'll do the same with you no problem, so don't be afraid to really tell me what's on your mind.

So if I failed to answer a question you had or you're interested in RPing with me, PM me! I am usually friendly enough. If there is something you want me to do, just suggest it. Most of the time I'll try to meet your requests.
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby Aegea » April 20th, 2012, 10:56:56 pm

My name is Aegea, if that wasn't obvious enough, and I'm looking for a One on One partner. To me, Role Playing is a way to relax and to possibly advance in writing. So, that would mean that I'm not looking for a Role Play with too many horrible twists, and by the twists I mean the romance or deaths of characters. The plot could be as gruesome as it could be, but the romance and death rate should be kept normal.. Basically, I wouldn't want our characters to die, and for romance.. No cheating, I might make an exception for break-ups, but no pregnancy, no random character coming between them, etc. I just don't like the whole cheating idea and I definitely dislike the entire concept of pregnancy, seeing as I don't like children/babies and whatnot. XD Other than that, a good plot is mandatory. It could be whatever we think of.

→ At least 7 + sentences per post
→ Good grammar/vocabulary
→ Contributions to the plot
→ No abandoning the RP after it's started
→ Post at least once every five days
→ Come up with an interesting plot
→ Keep the Role Play interesting
→ Be my friend (that means talk to me, man. xD)
→ Romance is mandatory, so you must be comfortable with basic romance.
Must be able to play fxf/lesbian romances
→ Please, be mature. Sure, I want someone I could goof off with once in a while, but in terms of actual RPing, I want someone mature (not in that way o3o)

→ 1 - 3 or 6 - 8 paragraphs per post minimum (depends; at least seven sentences in each)
→ At least one post every day or every other day (again, depends;)
→ Plot contributions
→ A good friend
→ Won't abandon Role Play without stating
→ Provide scenes with action, or mushy romance (that you can definatly expect. x3)
→ Note: I only do lesbian/fxf relationships, but I might make an exception and do a straight romance(very little chance, though). ;3

What I'll do:
→ During the time of Ancient Greece/Rome (I'll elaborate more in Pm ^.^)
→ Summer Romance/Winter Romance (preferably winter, since it's Christmas and all. <3) | 9/10 |
→ Werewolves | 8/10 |
→ Bad Girl (preferably played by me ;D) x Good girl | 10/10 |
→ Anything with Greek mythology <3 (this does sort of connect to Demigods. xD) | 7/10 |
→ Shape-shifter x Human (I already have a plot idea for this, so if you're interested just pm me about and I'll explain it) | 9/10 |
→ Zombie Apocalypse/Post Apocalyptic | 10/10 |

What I'll never do:
→ Pregnancy/Babies and kids (NEVER. I don't want it in a RolePlay, EVER. I do not want our characters to be parents either. -.- I just hate kids/babies/pregnant teens in general.. It's just.. ew.. -.-)
→ Male x Male (I.. don't like this..)
→ Male x Female (I might do this, it's just unlikely)
→ Twilight (Nope. Don't like it anymore.)
→ Justin Bieber (Oh god..)
→ Cheating/Breakups (Eh, I might accept breakups, but cheating I don't like at all. xD)
→ Pure animals (For group RPs, I'll do them, but they're not so good in one on one rps.)
→ more to be added later on..

Well, PM me if you're interested! ^.^ I don't bite.. hard. x3
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby Aneira » April 21st, 2012, 11:22:45 pm


First I must thank you for taking the time to read this and possibly consider me as your future RP partner. You may call me Aneira. Obviously I'm looking for a new 1x1 partner, since I've been rather creative lately, but there doesn't seem to be many public RP's that I have taken an interest to.

❄ About Me ❄

Allow me to tell you a bit about myself so you can figure out when I'll usually post. Where I live we go by EST. Because I have school and drill practice, I'm usually not home until 4pm. You can usually expect to find me on MagiStream from 6 - 7 in the morning, and than off and on from 4 - 10 during the evening. On weekends you can generally find me on throughout the day.
If you decide to become my partner, you will find that I am comfortable with RPing either genders. I also generally use human and/or humanoid characters, but I will occasionally make a few exceptions to animal characters.
I tend to write anywhere from 2-5 paragraphs, but I will rarely get writer's block and write a single paragraph. My paragraphs usually consist of 2-7 sentences, although if any paragraphs are short, I usually make up for it.

❄ What I Expect ❄

I expect an RP partner that will match me in writing length or surpass me. I expect nothing less than four sentences per post, since it honestly isn't that hard to do. You should also be somewhat detailed. You don't have to describe every little thing, but adding detail will not only make your post easier to read, but it will also lengthen it. Spelling and grammar should be decent, but I'm aware that there are many people who's first language isn't English, so I certainly won't be strict about that.
The number one thing I want from my partner is help in progressing through the RP. Help create a plot, don't allow me to drag you through the entire thing! Also, please tell me if you're busy or have to go away for a little while. Heck, tell me if you don't want to RP with me anymore. You won't hurt my feelings. ヅ

❄ What I Like ❄

    ❧ War
    ❧ Dystopia themes
    ❧ Fantasy
    ❧ Abilities/Powers
    ❧ Steampunk
    ❧ Demons
    ❧ MagiStream
    ❧ Dragon riders
    ❧ Jaguar and/or lupin riders
    ❧ Artificial angels
    ❧ A bit of romance (Though not solely)
    ❧ Divergent (Book)
    ❧ Nightshade (Book)
    ❧ Rift (Book)
    ❧ MapleStory (Game)
    ❧ Beyond Two Souls (Game)
    ❧ Sword Art Online (Anime/Manga)
    ❧ Anything with a good plot
    ❧ Anything unique

    ❄ What I Won't RP ❄

      ❧ High school
      ❧ Reality
      ❧ Vampires
      ❧ Water-based settings
      ❧ Mermaids
      ❧ Same gender romance (I absolutely fail at this ; _;)

Thank you for taking a quick look at this. If you're interested, please shoot a PM! ^^
Currently searching as of 10/25/13
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❄ Searching for 1x1 RP partners! ❄
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby Ceratico » April 24th, 2012, 1:39:54 pm

Hello there! Im searching for a male or female that would think to RP with a person with awful english grammar and dont have a big vocabulary, and maby some spellings problem. I am a swedish person and would also like to RP in swedish language with people that would want to. I am very good at swedish, both with grammar and spelling, and can help you if you just have started to RP in swedish.
But I need to practice in english so I would like to if some person that is very good at english could help me with the errors I make. Im learning best when I RP så thats beccaus I want to try RP in english! You dont need to write a A4 long paper, just a few lines would be great: But NOT just one or two. I hate to RP with that kind of people.
We make the story togheter, but I can say that i totaly looove fantasy :)

But, as I said: I can also RP i swedish if you want to, if you want, and if you are a begginer in the language. I will gladly help you with the spelling and grammar problems if you have some! :look:

Hope someone would like to RP with someone like me and stands out with my awful grammar and vocabulary :angel:
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby Soldat » May 5th, 2012, 11:29:20 am

Hello, I'm Soldat. ^^ Call me Sol, Soldier, or whatever you want. Right now, I'm looking for roleplay partners.

What To Expect From Me:
• I live in the EST timezone and I have more time on my hands than I should.
• I'm a Grammar Nazi, but a pretty lax one. I don't mind a few errors.
• I do have a life. I might not reply immediately, but send me a message if I don't reply within a few days.
• Paragraphs. I write and I like to be descriptive, and it's rare that I'll give you less than four lines.
• I might have my characters speak in a different languages, mostly German or Russian.
• I'm fine with all kinds of romance and violence as well as things like alcohol and cigarettes and drugs.
• I can make my posts pretty, but I really just center it most of the time. I don't mind making them pretty, though.
• I suck at roleplaying girls, but I can try. They'll just be pretty tomboyish.
• I like making jokes, and my writing style tends to be rather sarcastic and frank.
• I have been roleplaying for around four years on different sites, so I have experience.
• Oftentimes, I'll use smilies, but only in OC.

What I'd Like From You:
• I'd like for my partner to not post one liners. However, everyone has those days and I'm fine with a few short posts every now and then.
• It would be awesome for whoever wants to roleplay with me to use correct grammar and spelling and preferably not lots of text talk. OC is fine, so long as I can actually read it.
• I'm a creative person. I'd like someone who can help with ideas and plot twists for our roleplay, because I don't want to maneuver the roleplay by myself.
• Someone that's okay with cussing, drugs, violence, romance, and alcohol. But if you're not with any of those, please tell me and we can work something out.
• Complete forms, as in no "Will be RP'ed.'
• An understanding of what we're roleplaying.

What I'd Like to Roleplay:
• Horror roleplays [Serial killers, ghosts, monsters, supernatural] [5/5]
• Humans with powers or special abilities, or experiments [4/5]
• Zombie Apocalypse or Post-Apocalyptic [6/5]
• Second World War [7/5]
• SoldierxSoldier/One's boyfriend back home [5/5]
- It'd be a group roleplay, or one of us would have to roleplay two.
• DempseyxRichtofen from Call of Duty: Black Ops Nazi Zombies[∞/5]
• I'm open to other stuff, I may have forgotten something, so feel free to ask.

What I Might Roleplay:
• Dogs/Wolves
• Cats
• Lesbian romance

What I Won't Roleplay:
• Twilight
• Celebrities
• Teenage pregnancy.
• Emos
• Incest anything
• Romance-centered roleplays
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby MisSutcliffe » May 6th, 2012, 12:09:31 am

Hiya! I'm MisSutcliffe, and if it wasn't obvious enough, I'm looking for a 1x1 roleplay partner.
I can get on every day and I like to be at least semi-lit when I write. I can play both male and female characters and I will contribute to the plot.

I'm looking for someone who can also post regularly, be semi-lit, has good grammar and will help me form a plot... and befriend me. :cool:

Things that interest me
    -Anything sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, romance...
    -Aliens are cool
    -Avatar (the last airbender)
    -Invader Zim
    -Phantom of the Opera

Of course, I'll always consider anything else that isn't on the list, as long as it's not on this one:

What I won't roleplay
    -Horses/pure animals

Well that's about it. PM me if you're interested or you have a question or something of that nature.
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Currently Looking~!

Postby Padfootsmistress777 » May 8th, 2012, 11:11:24 am

Currently looking for RP partner
If you have ideas PM! I'm not sure what I want (look below for ideas?) Please and thanks! ^_^

I would like about 2 different RP's, I may look for more but not just yet.

Don't really have any plots but am willing to help make one.
Kind of want something with vampires or demons or something like that, not quite sure what x3


~ Something action/adventurey, preferably fantasy of some kind, and I like romance though not necessarily as a plot point because that can get super boring.
~ I RP het and Yaoi and am comfortable playing either male or female characters.

~ Anything from an animal POV.
~ Anything based off book and television series (including movies). It doesn't matter if I have read/watched the series or not I don't like to RP in someone else's universe. (Harry Potter related RP's are a minor exception).
~ I do not do Yuri.

I can read and understand what you are saying. You use punctuation and capitalization while RP-ing.
~Minimum of three lines that I can reply to. If either one of us can't figure out a way to reply we will figure something out. My problem usually comes from trying to figure out what to say so fair warning :derp:

Of course if you have any other suggestion I am free to discuss things ~!

I think this is :derp: I'll add/change anything as my mood changes ^-^
Please PM if interested~
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby Mikanu270 » May 8th, 2012, 10:51:50 pm

*EDITED* I'm looking again!
I currently would like to do a 1x1 RP based on the series Gone by Michael Grant!I've only read the first book,but it's very interesting and I'd really like to do an RP about it.I have an idea for it,so PM me if you're interested.

Hi!I'm Mikanu,but you can call me Mika! :angel:

Other Things I would like to RP:
♥♥♥♥♥-Pokemon/Pokemon Mystery Dungeon/Experimented-on Pokemon(Yes!I love to create fusions and things for Pokemon!I actually have an RP about Pokemon fusions on another site that has gone on for four topics!Also,I have a region I made up.)
♥♥♥♥-Vampires(Vaaaampires!I'd love to do an RP about vampires.Vampire X Human could be cool too.)
♥♥♥♥-An end of the world kind of thing.Zombies,meteor,somethin' weird happening with the planets,stuff like that.There'd be mutations and all these other things happening.
♥♥♥-Anything that you'd like to suggest,just nothing that I don't want to do.
♥♥-Normal Wolves or Elemental wolves.Normal Wolf X Elemental Wolf,if you want(Wolves are awesome.'Nuff said.)

What I don't want to do:
-No animes.
-No books,no movies.Just isn't fun doing something already done.(Except Gone.I'd love to do a Gone RP.)
-No yaoi or yuri.I can't do those becuase I don't know how to do them.Sorry.
-No shapeshifters.

What I expect from my partner:
-Don't abandon the RP without telling me that you are.I don't like bumping things,I guess I should tell you.
-At least two lines.Give me something I can reply to.Really,I hate trying to think up something to say when all I got was "She nodded" or something.It just annoys me.
-Please help me with ideas.I hate having to have all the control over things and I also hate coming up with things on my own.To me,any idea is wonderful because it doesn't come from my own mind.
-Keep the RP interesting.I will help you,of course.

What you can expect from me:
-Lots of ideas I make up randomly.I will help you as much as I can to keep the RP interesting,I really will.
-All of my effort to put action and romance and stuff into the RP.
-Someone to talk to.I love to talk and make friends,so don't be shy to talk!
-At least three lines,if I have something to work with.On a very good day,I could probably cook up five or maybe even more.
-Good enough writing so you can understand what I wrote.I don't have a huge vocabulary,so it might take me a while to find out what words fits for what I need.I have good enough spelling and grammar,but I do not put spaces in between periods/commas and words.I would type like this: "I would really like to do that"Hannah said,giving him a smile.|Yep,that's how I would do it.
-I can do romance when it goes past the...Normal kind,I guess you could say.It doesn't bother me if we get there,but it would be done,of course,in PM.
-I can do any gender.I usually do male because many people like RPing the female,but I could be a female if you want me to.

So that's what I'm looking for.Hope that I'll get a good partner!
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