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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby Blackwidow » December 12th, 2011, 8:24:49 pm

EDIT: I got a partner. :angel:

Here I am again. :P

Okay, I am in the mood for a romance RP. I really want it to be normal, civilized humans. I am about sick of animal rps. I don't really have a plot set up, I figure it can be young adults, and we make it up as we go along.

-I ask that you be semi literate, but in a 1x1 I understand some constant one liners. xP
-Educated in romance. If you know what I mean.
-Experienced in RPing. For example, good grammar, good spelling, and/or no run on sentances.
-I would perfer you make the thread for our 1x1. I am really sick of making threads. :P
-Active. Like, online everyday, at the least.

I think that is all, PM if interested, please! <3

I'm currently on a hiatus, I only check back here once or twice every other week.
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby Shizune0715 » December 13th, 2011, 11:33:14 am

EDIT: Sept 21, 2013 - College has kept me busy lately and my stress level has skyrocketed. I'm in need of some stress relief lately and I missed roleplaying so why not start again?

Always looking for literate (spelling, grammar, punctuation included) 1x1s :D
Just needs to be active, creative, and literate. No text talk as much as possible. Also needs to understand that I'm a full time college student and unfortunately still live with my parents and all my siblings... thus I am extremely busy at times and sometimes cannot post due to writer's block or lack of free time for up to a week or two maximum. However; I'm online almost everyday for a few hours and try to reply when I can.

As for the genres I do:
Romances- I'm more of a MxF roleplayer. I'm flexible with whichever side I end up as but my only active RPs involve me playing the male xD
Fantasy - Wolf, Vampire, Dhampir, God, Elf, I'm wiling to give just about anything a try. Except for Twilight, Blue Blood, whatever clique novels have now. Please... no zombies, no super freezing cold non-breathing non-eating non-sleeping stalker vampires that sparkle in the sun, no furnace hot obsessive super giant bear-sized werewolves that find mates in newborns, none of those please.
Animal RP - yep, I can play cats, dogs, and wolves, and other animals too. Mythical creatures included.

Plots that I'm hoping to try roleplaying:
    "S x M" based: Basically, the girl is an eccentric exorcist and the guy is a spirit magnet. The girl wants a ghost lover but almost all spirits free from her whenever they sense her. The guy is the opposite, he's a ghost magnet and hates/fears them with a passion. Eventually, they find a ghost who is willing to love the girl but she can't touch him. In order to be with her ghostly lover, she tells the ghost to possess the guy, not knowing that the guy is beginning to like her. (May be altered xD)
    Fantasy based: People who are able to 'merge' with their animal familiars. Not too sure of a complete plot for this yet. Just a basic idea so far. Feel free to talk to me about this ^^

My RPs: (feel free to check out my RP style)
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I am opening myself to RPs again. 1x1 anyone?
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby ShenziSixaxis » December 14th, 2011, 7:04:30 am

Updated September 30th. General edits, to compensate for everything that's changed for me in the last year, almost. I, ah, don't think I'm up for RPing, though. Feel free to ask any way if you really want to, though.

Update, February 23, 2012:
I think it's about time I update this post. I'll be adding and cleaning up the text I've written for this post, and also modify the links to RPs I'm working on, as my main roleplaying partner has moved his RPs to his new forum.

Update, April 6, 2012:
Added some RPs and updated links to another one.




Skill Level

Old RPs
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby Lex » December 14th, 2011, 6:56:53 pm

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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby MythicalDragon » December 18th, 2011, 11:37:25 am

Sooo Bored again! :3 No offense to people i'm rping with. Oh and to everyone: I'm Always looking.

A little about:

Usually if I am rping with you I will reply as soon as I see your post.
I would like someone who will be online alot so I'm not waiting forever for your reply.
I do try to tell you when I'm offline :3
I'd like someone who uses proper grammer. (Capitals, Spellings, .;', ect., uses "" to talk and ()[]{} to OOC)
No text talk PLEASE! /through gritted teeth
I'll do anything pretty much, I LOVE romance, (Though I refuse to do GirlxGirl [yuri right?])
I like to play as a Shifter, Angel/demon, Forbidden love and Anthros. But again I'm flexible.
I refuse to do anything based off books (Cept' for pokemon and of course the Fallen rp i'm doing with bitter)
I hate Vampires vs Werewolves
Lemme clear this up. I'm a Anti-Twilight person.

Thanks, Just pm me!

I collect rewins! i dream to own 1000 rewins! I actually dream to own every rewin in Magistream PM me!

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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby Charme » December 18th, 2011, 1:14:25 pm

Been needing to make one of these. The * means I love those RPs ^^ And, I'm always looking ^^

I'll do..

Warrior Cats*
Other Canines (Foxes, Dogs, etc)
Magistream (creature or Magi)*
Harry Potter

I WONT do...
Yaoi or Yuri
Vampires in general

About My Roleplaying life :D
I spend most of my life on Magistream, so I will respond as soon as I see your post. Now, unless I have writers block (which I have when I get headaches), I will write 4+ sentences, my longest ever has been 3 paragraphs. I'd like someone who is on for a good amount of time (like, 40 mins). Proper grammar in the roleplay (but in OOC it's fine). I'd like someone who will help me build a plot, but I also like sandbox RP's too.
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby 1052000 » December 18th, 2011, 11:13:22 pm

Charme,I'll do a 1x1 magistream creature rp with you if you want. My rps that's I've been doing(including my own) have been slow lately D:
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby Megatronus » December 19th, 2011, 9:34:43 pm

I am looking for a 1x1 rp partner.

I will do
transformers with autobots and decepticons
fantasy things and umm i want a partner that can help me with my roleplaying skills.

i will not do
anything with yaoi or yuri.
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby SoraTheElf » December 20th, 2011, 10:24:31 pm

Looking for a 1x1 RP partner.

Literacy rating: NO One Word Replies Please. Try to type at least 1 ½ - 2 sentences, but I understand writer’s block. Try to avoid Text talk, please. I understand bad spelling.

Skill Level: I hate when I’m the one doing all the work in RP, like when I post a paragraph and the other person Replies with one word or sentence and doesn’t leave me anything to further the interaction between characters.

Genre: Romance mainly, but with some action and any other genre, as long as the characters fall in love. MxF Please.

Characters: I would prefer if there were only two Main characters that we played, but we could create side characters as needed for a plot. I would prefer to be the female character, because when I write, I admit, I write like a girl. (Cause I am! XD) Mary/Gary Sue’s are OK with me, because I’m not really sure what qualifies the characters as such and I have a feeling that any of my freestyle characters could be characterized as such. Around 23 years old please, with the girl(Me?) being one year younger.

Plot: 1.


World: An alternate world where anything is possible. I don’t like limitations because it gets boring and slows character development. Also, I’ve read too much, so sometimes what I’ve read and am now reading influences my writing.
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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread

Postby Brina » December 21st, 2011, 2:48:40 pm

I'm looking for either a 1x1 or 1x1x1. :woo:
I'm looking for a bunch of roleplays since I've been inactive for a while...
I require someone with good grammar (jst dont tlk lik dis), someone who won't write one liners every post, and someone with at least a little experience in roleplaying. It'd be good if you already have ideas for plots, because even though I'm alright with helping on plots, most of the ones I make myself are lame.

I will do:
Werewolves (I absolutely love werewolves!)
Zombie Apocalypse (or an end of the world type thing... earthquakes and crap everywhere)
Animals (I've done cats and wolves... you can recommend anything else, though)
Hunger Games roleplays
Roleplays based off of the Shiver books
Harry Potter roleplays
Send me any other ideas you may have! ^_^

****Just to warn you, no matter what kind of roleplay we do I'm going to add romance into the plot. I love romance roleplays.

I won't do:
Yaoi (Unless you have a good plot)
Twilight (but I will do vampires)
Anything based off of video games

If you have someting in mind that isn't on the list, just explain it in your post! I'll tell you what I think.

If you're interested, PM me any ideas. Please try and provide plots as well. 'Cause I suck at making them up.

I'm kind of in the mood for an elemental wolf or cowboy vs indians roleplay... I don't know why... so shoot me a PM if you want to!
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