The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread - Important Update!

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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread - Important Upd

Postby crystalwings » August 15th, 2017, 12:33:49 am

Currently Looking!!

About Me

♥ I consider myself pretty literate, but I have not done much writing or role playing for a few years now
♥ I usually tend to right more than one paragraph per post, and will never post just one or two sentences
♥ I am obsessive over grammar for the most part, and I would prefer a partner who will take care in their posts, and make sure all their grammar is correct
♥ Not having capitals at the start of a new sentence is my pet peeve, please do not do this :lol:
♥ I prefer more mature role plays that may include cursing, gore, and sexual activity. With that in mind, I would rather like to have a partner at least 17 years old
♥ To avoid restrictions, I would be open to role playing in Google Docs
♥ I can only play female character, and prefer to role play with a partner playing a male
♥ Through I have tried to do otherwise, all my characters drift into the quiet, naïve, cliché girl roles. My characters often lack confidence, and always have trouble opening up and need comfort often. My characters also tend to sometimes act child-like, through I only play older parts
♥ Considering my characters are the always hiding in a book type, I prefer to have a partner who can play stronger leads and be the more dominant, confident character
♥ I do not usually like fandoms, as I do not follow a lot of them. I do sometimes take bits and pieces from some stories plots, to base around a role play idea

Partner Qualities
♥ I don't mind general mistakes at all, but I expect that not all your posts are riddled with mistakes, and that it looks like you put effort into your writing (I know you can't be perfect by any means!)
♥ I sometimes fall into writers block, so I need a partner who can challenge me as a writer, and help me to become more creative and think up new plot lines
♥ I would prefer that most of my partners posts are at least 1-2 paragraphs, hat way we always have something to work with
♥ Activity in our role play at least once every two days unless you are working, going away, ect. In this case, let me know please
♥ I defiantly want someone who will communicate with me, and give me suggestions! Also someone who always contributes to the plot line, and when things get dry just doesn't leave me to pick it up.
♥ I prefer my partner to start out the role play, but I can defiantly do it if you'd like

Role Play Ideas

♥ Romance driven role plays are my absolute favourite!!
♥ Anything dark and twisty, including torture, ect as long as it includes romance eventually
♥ I prefer m/f pairings, me being the female. I have attempted a male role but it is difficult for me
♥ Werewolf or Vampire role plays are great!
♥ Through I don't know a lot about these times, I do love medieval times with queens and kings, ect
♥ Soul mates (werewolf or vampire)
♥ Master X Slave (keep in mind, I can only play weak characters. I would enjoy a role play with owning my own vampire slave, so essentially being the master, but I would be more of a kind, soft master rather than a harsh one
♥ Royal X bodyguard (through I could only play royal)
♥ Royal or rich X peasant/poor/servant
♥ Human X demon (I could only play human)
♥ I am open to any ideas!!

Disliked Role Plays
♥ Zombie
♥ Anything animal related besides werewolf
♥ I am not one for magic play
♥ Most fandom based role plays
♥ I am open to having a school as a setting. but not the main one, and not much focus should be spent here

I would be thrilled to have a role play partner, so if you are interested... shoot me a message!



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Re: The "Searching for a 1x1 Partner" Thread - Important Upd

Postby SilentHowl » August 25th, 2017, 8:28:01 pm

I may not appear to be on a lot, but I get emails every time I get a pm. When I subscribe to a topic I get emails for that too. So I'll reply~

Updated 9/21/2017

Current Status:

Hullo! I'd like to have as many 1-on-1 rp's as I can x)

Who am I?
Well, I like to think I'm very friendly and trustworthy. Of course, I'm not you, so I can't make that choice for you, just meet me and see if it's fine or not! I have been writing (stories) for about six years, then rp'ing for about... three years. I've done a lot of different types of rp's, and I'm pretty confident I can adapt to new ones too. Also, I like to believe I have a life, and most likely won't respond instantly (unless we're both on, then we can back-and-forth). I'd like it if you'd respond at least once a week and I'll try to do the same ^^'. I live in PST... So, yeah.

My skills:
Well, as I said, I've been writing for close to six years so I hope I'm good by now xD. I like to write in paragraphs, and I'm good at descriptions of characters/scenery. I'm fine with people who write three-sentence replies, and with people who write huge, long, crazy, milti-page replies. Just don't expect me to give as long of a reply :italian:. I normally rp guys, but I have girls too. I'm fine with swearing, in fact, a few of my characters swear often. Most of my characters are teens, but they reflect the age of the other character (as in, I have a 13-year-old, and the other person has a 20-year-old, the 13-year-old will reflect that they're about 18 or so). I'm also totally fine with adjusting the age of my characters to fit the rp. I also suck at a set plot-line, but I am really good at going with the flow. Pretty much every plot twist and idea I'm fine with. I can -and will- follow a plot if you wish, just I'd prefer having fun making it up. Now of course, I've had quite a few rp's sputter and die, but I assure you I will reply when I can. If you also work for this, then we can go quite far I believe x3. I also kinda suck at cannon characters, they end up warped to fit my vision and are just a ghost of their former selves.
I tend to write 2-5 paragraphs depending on my state of enthusiasm/writer's block amount! If I'm given a one-liner I'l attempt to keep at least a paragraph going. If I'm given 6+ paragraphs I will do my best to match it!

What I am enthusiastic to rp:
-Vampires (no sparkly vampires from Twilight please :3)
-People with supernatural abilities
-Winged people/angels (fallen or otherwise)
-People with animal ears/tails (nekos)
-Humans (I prefer supernatural abilities, but humans that ran away are fine, just prefer no regular High-School rp's)
-Mer people

What I will NOT rp:
-Anthro/Furries (nekos are fine, the over-sexualized furries and such are not)
-Insanity scenes (a few is okay, but seriously. I get that the character is insane, but do they have to murder constantly to prove that?)
-Mary/Gary sues
-MxM & FxF (sorry, just not comfortable with it)

What I will no doubt instantly love and rp at the moment:
-Anything involving my character Ashton (Mer)
-Original ideas (not in a set, fanfiction world, just modern or a warped modern world -sometimes older time frames too)
-Winged people

Prefer not to do (but will if concept/character's good):
-Warriors (Feels like more than just two people should rp a clan, no?)

Examples of my writing:
MacintotxSilenthowl Phoenix/Kitsune post-apocolyptic
The Not So Secret Trio (last added to: July 2017) [the later chapters are more accurate to my current writing abilities]
The following are from rp groups that I'm currently in; I mainly focus on warriors and cats just because it was easy to get into and that's what I draw xD Most of my OC's are humanoids, this is just an example of my writing.
Mistflower's thoughts
BOI confessions [My character is Birdfire]
Cobra and the stars

Roleplay Ideas that I want to do (may be group ideas, but can be 1-on-1):
Warning: These are, once more, ideas, and a lot of them are still in-the-rough and more just notes I took when I first thought of them

Don't let all the words scare you, I swear I don't talk in paragraphs typically xD
Thus, if you're interested go ahead and contact me ^^. I look forward to it~
Hey guys, If you decide to visit me that would be great xD I am very thankful for clicks too.
I also RP, so if you're interested in giving it a go with me let me know!

(1x1 post~)

Also, click my eggies in the spoiler please! I'm positive they don't bite! ^^

Thank you for your time! Image
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