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Top two favorite decades of anime?

Pre-70's (examples are, uh, Astro Boy I guess?)
No votes
70's (examples: Original gundam, Kimba)
80's (examples: Macross,Votoms)
90's (examples: Pokemon, DBZ, Sailor Moon...we all know this decade)
2000's (examples: FMA, Gurenn Lagaan)
Shows from the past five years (Attack on Titan, Madoka)
Total votes : 75

Re: The Anime Guild!

Postby Danafox » May 9th, 2019, 9:41:01 pm

Yay @ Fawnfur
Yes I think me and hubby are going to watch Fairy gone, looks interesting but we haven't seen any episodes yet to be able to judge very well. And the Kitsune one yes he wants to see that one too and of course I love foxes/fox humans so hell yes going to see it lolol
New Fruits Baskets is another one we might see, I saw the original one many years ago, I'm interested to see what they're doing with this version. And I have friends watching One Punch Man season 2, I wanna see it but I hear it's only on Hulu and I have enough streaming services right now =(. Unless I can find other means to watch it....but I still have to finish Season 1 on Netflix lolol
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Re: The Anime Guild!

Postby fawnfur13 » May 10th, 2019, 12:05:46 am

I think the new Fruits Basket is the one I'm most pumped for, I'm super stoked that it'll be covering the full manga :hooray:

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Re: The Anime Guild!

Postby LunatheDragoness » June 1st, 2019, 2:30:19 am

I want to join the anime guild!
Favorite anime? I have a lot. Most favorite tho? Death Note
Least favorite anime? Hmm...I'll get hate for it but One Piece
How did you get into anime? Happened randomly.
What anime are you really enjoying currently? Right now I'm not watching any anime. I need some recommendations that is available on netflix and/or hulu.
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