Nursery side auction #233

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Re: Nursery side auction #233

Postby L2580 » May 9th, 2016, 2:03:26 am

I'm looking for lots of Creatures I missed...
Look up Under Links, and please offer ^.^

[LTS] Keep Cleaning

[LTB] Looking for My Magistream Goal Creatures

[LTB] Looking Event, GB Eggs
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Re: Nursery side auction #233

Postby Master Belmos » May 10th, 2016, 5:50:11 pm

The auction is over and the winner is L2580 at 700k. Congratulations!

For everyone's information, there will not be a regular Nursery auction this week. I am reworking the Nursery event system to give you something new to try your hands at and I will need a few days for that.
The creatures in any tab that has "for sale" in its name are for sale. If you are interested in some of them, PM me please.

New stock available! Check my Keep for many past event creatures for sale!

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