Spring event

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Spring event

Postby Rosehill » April 15th, 2017, 12:01:55 am

Hello everyone!

As spring in Magistream world is creeping upon us, let's throw a good old-fashioned Spring party!

Remy is serving a new delightful drink up at his Shop, as well as something sweet and sticky! He informs us that he estimates his stock will last up to and including April 21st.

A total of five new creatures have been spotted in the Stream. For more information about them check the Creature Release News

That's all yolks, let's get crackin'!

Community Discussion thread for discussion: 8-community-discussion/212210-easter-event.html
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Meet Mr. Rufous Scrimgeour -->

PLEASE NOTE! If you have used any of my graphics hosted on Photobucket, they are no longer working due to PB changing their TOS! I will be moving the graphics to a new hosting place soonish!
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