Quitting!! everything for references/art of my characters

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Quitting!! everything for references/art of my characters

Postby redwolf466 » July 12th, 2018, 7:02:42 pm

I will be trading any creature(s) for a references or art of my Charaters
If you would like to make a reference or art of one (or more) of my Charaters for pets please post here or message me for more info
Here are the Charaters that I would like references/art of:
Primm- https://toyhou.se/2443055.primm
Boba- https://toyhou.se/2349615.boba
Xaver- https://toyhou.se/2345197.xaver
Louie- https://toyhou.se/2437877.louie
Charater information will be supplied on request

And the group called “keeping these” will not be traded
Thank you all!

(Please tell me if this is not in the right forum)
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