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Postby RubyNightShade » July 9th, 2019, 11:10:49 am

Luna, a black cat with a silver moon around her left eye, walked into a dark black forest. Her blind eyes looking forward, she was looking for things that couldn't be seen. As she moved slowly onward, her whiskers twitched in anticipation. Oh, how wonderful it would be to have her inhibitions unleashed again, after so long playing the pet! Her ears flicked as she heard a rustle in the fallen leaves. She stalked towards it, curious as to what it could be. As she approached, the sound continued, piquing her interest.
She watched silently and alert as a beautiful female black wolf walked through, gracefully, and nodded at her, a small smile playing on her face as she said hello. Luckily, both of them just happened to be part of the half of all living creatures that were unaffected by Thanos's snap and, seeing all the ones that had suffered, they chose to travel back in time via the Quantum Realm and attempt to rewrite history, making sure that Thanos never got the Infinity Stones in the first place.

Luna never knew how to handle the extreme pressure of having to go back in time

She looked at the wolf she had just time Traveled with. "Hello. You are lucky you survived the snap." Luna said quietly to the wolf.
The wolf blushed, and began to feel thankful that the warmth of her cheeks was covered by her black fur,"T-thanks, I'm Jane." Luna stared at Jane, and showed her teeth forming a smile, "Hi Jane, I'm Luna.", she paused for a brief moment, "Nice to meet you." Jane nodded and looked around for Thanos. "Where do you think Thanos could be?" asked Luna. "I don't know." The wolf admitted, a tinge of uncertainty in her voice, as her ears and nose twitched and turned to any smell and sound she could detect. "Well," said Luna "We should try this way first" and pointed to the path on the left that looked promising.

The two trailed the narrow path in silence, ears perked up for any sound of danger, and their eyes darting around towards any little figment of movement they could catch. As they walked along, Luna thought she heard whispers coming from deep in the forest, but she tried to convince herself that it was just the wind. Yet, with every step, the whispers became louder and creepier, until everything was drowned out in them. Luna could no longer deny it - someone or something was tailing them, and a confrontation was inevitable.
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