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Rules of Conduct - Tea House subsection

Postby Morgaln » October 23rd, 2011, 12:57:34 pm

1. Part of the Whole
All the rules of the Rules of Conduct apply

2. General rules
  • No advertising your writing in other people's threads unless they ask for it. It is their thread, so focus on their writing. Similar to this, do not pester authors for help with your writing in their thread, and keep comments on topic. There should be no small talk in a story thread.
  • One thread per story. All updates to a story by the author and comments, critiques, and discussion of a story by readers should take place within one thread.

3. No plagiarism
  • Plagiarism, as defined by Webster: The practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own. This is absolutely not allowed in the Tea House.
  • Copying a previously published/posted piece of writing word for word, or posting a lightly edited version, and claiming it is your own, is plagiarism and not allowed.
  • Claiming or using characters you didn't create as though they were your own is plagiarism and not allowed.
  • The bottom line: If you do not know who the original creator is, do not use it as your own. If you know the original creator and have not gotten permission, do not use it as your own. This goes for poetry, prose and characters.

4. Mind the audience
  • Posting of R-rated or higher ranked material is forbidden. Remember, the MS forums are PG-13. This means no graphic violence or sexual content, and no over the top use of profanity. Mature themes are fine, obscene themes are not.
  • If you are confused, you can find more about each rating here

5. Criticism
  • All criticism should be constructive and taken with grace.
  • Critics: Instead of commenting that a piece isn't good, give the artist ideas, advice or alternatives. Suggest fixes and maintain a positive attitude. Employ the "critique sandwich," and put critique in between statements of what you like about the story. Do not flame. Flamers will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Authors: While writing is a very personal endeavor, you cannot improve without criticism. Remember, do not ask for honest constructive crit and expect only praise.
  • If you do receive a critique that is not requested, remember, it is not an attack on you or your writing-it is meant to be helpful.
  • If you do not want the option of receiving critique, make a note in the first post of your story, in a way that is clear and easy to read, that you want only positive comments.

6. Main Section
  • The main section of the Tea House is for general writing discussion, such as looking for ideas or discussing writing craft, as well as shops and contests.
  • You may bump your own threads once every 20 hours. To bump, you must use the bump button at the bottom of your thread. If that button is not showing up, you are not allowed to bump that particular thread. Making a post to bump a thread is not allowed.
  • A shop is allowed to have multiple posts for the owner to detail his services in. This is an exception to the multi-post section of the Rules of Conduct.
  • A shop is required to list prices for the service(s) it provides. These prices may be changed regularly. Both buyer and seller are bound to the prices listed when an order is placed, unless both sides agree amicably to the new price.
  • Once a piece of writing or editing is ordered, this is considered a contract. The seller has to deliver, the buyer has to accept and pay for it. Canceling an order is not allowed by either side, unless both parties agree.

6a. Writing contests
  • A definite ending time for the contest must be posted. "When I get enough entries" is not an acceptable ending time for contests. When announcing the ending time post the date and time and time zone when the contest ends or announce the ending time as a span of time starting from the time the thread's starting post is posted (e.g. two weeks from now).
  • If there are prizes for the contest the prizes need to be announced before the competition begins and they cannot be changed if someone has posted an entry to the contest. If the prizes include creatures, a link to those creatures is required in the contest info post.
  • You are allowed to extend your contests up to three times.
  • The overall length of a contest with or without extensions cannot be longer than six months from the posting time of the starting post.
  • The judging has to be done within a month of the contest's ending time.
  • Rules for a contest cannot be changed once the contest begins. If you are using prompts for a contest, no new prompts can be added as the contest goes on.

7. The Parlor
  • This section is for original writing, whether it be short stories, novels, or poems.
  • Original writing must be completely original-the world, the characters, and the plot must be your own.

8.The Den
  • This section is for fanfics and poems that take place in the Magistream world and use story elements that are based off of Magistream
  • A fanfic of any existing story, movie, anime or what-have-you can also be placed here.
  • If the character is not your own, it is fanfiction. If the world is not your own, it is fanfiction. To avoid plagiarism, make note of who the original author/creator is, or at the very least make it clear that it is a fanfic.
  • To make it easier for readers, please label your story with the name of the series you are writing the fanfic for, or make it clear that you are writing an MS fanfic. For example, "I like cats (Warriors Fanfic)," or "The fish (A story of my keep)."
  • It is unusual, but there are authors/producers out there who do not allow fanfiction of their work. Please be aware of this and make sure your fanfiction does not fall into that category.
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