My entry: A break in time

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My entry: A break in time

Postby Sanne » February 27th, 2019, 5:32:13 pm

I'm Dutch, English is not my native language, sorry for any spelling errors. :sad:

It was a cold winter morning when Alethin opened his cart with new eggs for his traveling friends and allies. A cold breeze made him clutch his cloak as Adela slithered between his feet. He put the newest love potions inside his cart, making sure no passerby could spot them. Although highly illegal, these potions had come to him for a low price and oud make him quite a good profit. He had hid doubts at first of course, the phrase "to good to be true" came to mind several times, but his curiosity and merchant mindset had pushed him forward. And it paid off, he got an amazing deal.
A gust of wind brought a sense of unease to the pair, Alethin was not sure why.
"Something is amiss, I can feel it in the wind."
Adela looked up to her companion and tipped her head, she too felt the unease within.
Alethin asked himself if he should open at all today, however, his trusted customers were counting on him to open today.
It was then that Alethin suddenly found himself surrounded by the Magistream magistrate. An ambush, they must have been waiting for him.
Within seconds 2 officers had found the love potions and put him in handcuffs. "You know these are illegal right?" One asked with a large grin on his face.
Alethin didn't respond, he had no need to. "This will put you away for a while, hope you'll enjoy your stay in jail." The other said, making the rest chuckle in delight.
While they led him away, Alethin turned his head towards his cart. He spotted Adela hiding between it's wheels. "At least they didn't get her." He thought to himself.

Adela stayed there for a moment, watching the direction her master had been led. She was quite the smart Raza Cobra, knowing full well her master had been led towards a small jail cell. She knew something had to be done. Although she couldn't speak the magi language, she could write it, somewhat. So, with much effort, she wrote a note to her masters friends. As the regular customers started to appear, she attached the note to her neck, hoping they could help her master.

One of the regulars, name unknown to Adela, read her scribbled note and gave her a pat on the head. "You're a good snake, come with me, we'll get Alethin out." With much glee Aleda followed her new found friend, together they would free her master.

Word had spread fast, and soon a small gathering of mages had gathered to help Alethin out of his predicament. As the colorful bunch sat around the table, Adela couldn't help but be impressed with the friendships her master had apparently forged.
The regular that had picked Adela up had already done some extensive research. He had found the seller of the love potions and "questioned" him extensively. It soon had become apparent that somebody had paid him to contact Alethin. However, he could not give a name or general description, as the mysterious briber had worn a cloak and hood, keeping his appearance hidden.
The mages were discussing possible suspects, unfortunately there were many. Alethin was not loved by all, whether it be jealousy or any other reason, Adela did not know. But one name seemed to pop up more than others. Remy, the owner of the Inn not far from where Alethin opens his cart every full moon.
Adela had noticed the peculiar stare Remy always seemed to throw their way when they passed his Inn, however, she did not believe the man to be capable of such treachery.
Chairs screeched over the floor as the men stood up from the table. Each had been given an assignment of espionage, or in other words, they were to keep their eyes on the suspects. "Such pretty words for such a simple task." Adela thought.

It was but 2 nights later that the group of mages reassembled with new information. Remy had been cleared, being seem by many on the night of the bribe. But one mage seemed to have a very good lead. Some Dark Brotherhood members had been trying to get Alethin and his wares to join them, wanting their revenue to increase. But Alethin had always refused, and rightly so. They started threatening Alethin, but the man was not easily frightened.
Apparently, the mage had overheard one of the members chatting about setting up Alethin. Was this just bar speak or was there really something to it? They did not know but it would be good to follow up on it.
It was now also time to discuss certain jailbreak possibilities.

Adela had fallen asleep until it was yet again time for these men to leave. Good things must have been discussed, as there seemed to be a less somber tone to the voices. Adela yawned as she looked towards the man who had taken her in. She had learned his name to be "Longstrider", a weird yet appropriate name for a man with long legs. Longstrider approached her and laid his hand on her head. "Not long from now you'll see your master again." He told her in a soothing tone, making her feel weirdly comfortable. "But now, we eat."
This made her stomach rumble, yes some food would be good.

That evening, Longstrider put on his darkest cloak, out of curiosity Adela approached him. "I wish I could bring you along Adela, but the road will be to dangerous." Adela pulled a face of distaste. She wishes she could speak, so she could tell the man she and Alethin had gone through numerous of treacherous paths.
"Alright, alright." He said. "Come on then." He opened his cloak and Adela climbed into his sleeve.
As they walked among the beaten path not much later, many of the other mages had joined them. Each wearing dark cloaks and some other supplies. Some had magic wands, some had phials with potions and powders, others brought weapons. It was quite an impressive sight.
It wasn't long before the mages stopped, they were close. Adela flicked her tongue and could smell the bood of captured mages close by. She hoped none of it was Alethin's.

Four mages undid their cloaks and revealed magistrate outfits, another got fitted with chains, appearing to be a prisoner. "So that's how they intend to get in." Adela thought. Longstrider was fitted with chains as well, and the group continued their way north.
The prison port towered over them, as one of the disguised mages talked to the guards. The doors opened with lots of creaking and we were led through. Inside the stench was almost unbearable for Adela, but she kept her cool and hid within Longstrider's sleeve.
They were led to a holding cell of some sorts, and Adela was overjoyed to finally get a whiff of Alethin's scent. But she could not yet show herself with guards all around them.
Longstrider shushed her when he felt her excitement. "Not yet." He whispered.
A few minutes later, Adela heard the cell doors close and the voices of the guards fade. Slowly she slithered out of her hiding spot, and immediately noticed Alethin sitting at the other end of the holding cell. A happy squeak made it's way from her lips, which made Alethin raise his head. "You beautiful snake you." Alethin said with a big smile of his face. Adela sped her way towards him, and excited at a young puppy, jumped into his arms. "It's good to see you too Adela. And who did you bring?" The two mages dressed as prisoners stepped towards Alethin. "Longstrider, Markel. How nice to see you, though not under these circumstances." Longstrider and the other mage, Markel, slapped Alethin's shoulders. "We have a plan." Longstrider said, and continued to explain.

Adela wasn't sure how long it had been, but it couldn't be more than a few hours. The moon was still high in the sky, and the prison was deathly quite.
The mages dressed as magistrate officers approached the cell and swiftly opened the door. "We need to be quick, I'm not sure how long my sleeping drought will work." One explained as they unlocked the chains on Alethin, Longstrider and Markel.
Quickly they excited the cell and made their way towards the exit. The only obstacle left where the gate guards. Almost at the gate, the group stopped, and one mage stepped towards the gate guards. He suddenly staggered on his feet, smiling and making weird noises. "Is he pretending to be drunk?"
The mage half fell half stumbled against one of the guards. Adela could not hear what he said, but she did see him giving a bottle to the guard. He greedily accepted, as did the others. Within a few seconds, they all fell down to the ground. "Ah, that must have been sleeping drought." Adela could not help but snicker a bit. The large doors were opened, and not before long they had found the beaten path again that had brought them to the prison. The more they walked the higher their spirits got. Alethin held onto Adela firmly, glad to see her again. "I'm not sure what I did to deserve such a great companion, but I'm grateful none the less." He said to her. "And all of you as well, of course." The men nodded or waved in acknowledgement.

Though it isn't certain who betrayed Alethin's trust, and how we will proceed now. Adela was just glad to have her master back and free from the magistrates clutches. Everything else is just not important.

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