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Stiptica Thunderbeast

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Stiptica Thunderbeast
A hybrid between
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This egg is extremely hard, and is covered in glowing mushrooms.


Male | Female

The Stiptica Thunderbeasts grow rapidly, doubling their size within the first few weeks, however, never reaching the full size of their Brontotherium counterparts. During the early months of the beasts life, their main source of food comes from low amounts of sunlight and plenty of water, topping this off with leaves and berry plants found on the canopy floor. Only once the moss on their backs flourishes do the beast young dare to venture with older Beasts outside the forest to feed on lush grasses. The Stiptica Thunderbeast hatchlings are very social, often spending their days playing tirelessly with other small deep-forest creatures.


Male | Female

Due to the sheer size and social background, adult Stiptica Thunderbeasts are not easily frightened nor threatened. In the rare event that they need to avoid impeding danger, they use their bodily growths to camouflage against the forest background. It is told their superb hiding skills is what has delayed the discovery of the ancient beasts until now. Their calm, non-fighting nature, makes the use for their two-pronged, wooden horn limited to lifting smaller fallen trees and clearing thicker shrubbery. It is these strong physical qualities and their earthly magical abilities, as well as their love for other small animals, that make them a desired companion among the magi.


Stiptica Thunderbeasts are social and friendly beasts, only rarely found feasting underneath lone storm clouds in small herds on the forest outskirts. Unlike the Brontotheriums, these beasts only conjure storms to feed their young or to help yield a nicer food source. Never have the adults been seen grazing on anything but the lushest of grasses.It is believed that the Stiptica Thunderbeasts inherited the magical abilities of the Stiptica Lichenthrope bloodlines, causing some of the mushrooms that grow on their bodies to glow with a brilliant green luminescence. The discovery of the beasts excites the mages, as they provide some clue as to the types of plants and strong, magical beasts the deep-forest contains.

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