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Roleplay - Dragiskis - Regestration Fourm

PostPosted: August 31st, 2017, 11:25:31 am
by Goldenwolfmidna
There were once half-dragons. They were powerful beyond measure, having the ability to fly and create weapons of pure energy. Soon enough, mortals caught up with the accomplishment and power of the Dragikis and, seeing they were no longer needed, fade away into legend and myth. One day, though, a wealthy Dragikis bought many acres of land and turned it into a school for them. He wanted to make sure the race of Dragikis wasn't extinct forever.

Current Plotline:
You and several other dragikis have enrolled for the school. You are going to be in the same classes, etc. You will not have a roommate,

A note: all nonpassive powers cost Mana, you start with a max of 50, full.

Character Form/rules:

No Godmodding/ Powerplaying without permission.

No controlling another's character without permission.

If your character posses disliked powers a change will be insisted.

Swearing is allowed, just censor yourself as best as possible/ make it implicit. Keep it pg-13ish

You can create two characters if you wish, but they have to be opposite genders. If you decide to create two, they may NOT be in a romance with the other character.

You may create side characters to add depth to your main character(s). Just remember not to treat them like main characters.

Moderate gore is allowed, Romance is also allowed. Please don't make the romance weird, though.

NO fighting outside the RP. If you do, you will be immediately removed (If you need to settle a dispute, do so in PM and in a civilised manner).

You must remain active. If you're inactive for at least 3 days (without warning), your character(s) will be subject to termination/ handed to someone else (You yourself may be allowed to rejoin if you're character is still alive.) If you are planning on going inactive, please let me know beforehand and state for approximately how long. Please do this on this fourm so we do know if someone is lying.

And most importantly, have fun! ^^


Form: (* marked fields are optional)






Weapon- (Just one. Appearance may be provided)

Abilities/ Skills- (Fire breath is not one)

Dragon Color -

Mine shall be:

Name- Zuki (Zuk)

*Age- 12

Gender- F

Appearance- Raven, shoulder-length hair, jet-black cloak, right eye is green, other is silver and a cat's eye look, large, metallic silver wings, purple tunic and a dragon horn, well, horn (For blowing into), and a long, silver, whip thin tail. She also can breathe fire.

Personality- Darkish, but funny, quiet, and a great artist

Weapon- (Just one. Appearance may be provided) - A silver/blue double ax, can fold in half, two blades, like a stick with a slab of sharpened metal on each end.

Abilities/ Skills-
[Passive] Metal Dragon: She can fight with her ax as well as her wings/tail
[Passive] Poison Cry: Her tears are poison
[Fighting] Berzerked Cry: A bloodcurdling scream that makes fear in the enemy's heart
[Emotional] Soothe: She can soothe and calm everyone near her, even her enemies
Dragon Color - Silver with a white sheen

Heres to the Rp-ing thread

PostPosted: August 31st, 2017, 7:57:36 pm
by Goldenwolfmidna

Re: Roleplay - Dragiskis - Regestration Fourm - Please LOOK

PostPosted: September 2nd, 2017, 3:26:40 pm
by Goldenwolfmidna
I thank you all for looking at this fourm

Re: Roleplay - Dragiskis - Regestration Fourm - Please LOOK

PostPosted: September 2nd, 2017, 10:55:57 pm
by SeriousSans
(This is a really cool idea for a roleplay! I'll start with just one character for now, I might add a second later but for now I will just stick with one due to school. Speaking of school, on Wednesdays (and for the majority of Mondays) I will be at school all day and thus unable to post, however, apart from those two days I should be able to post at least twice a day (usually more) on weekdays, and on weekends I will for the most part be able to post all day, apart from real life circumstances such as errands)

Form: (* marked fields are optional)

Name- Aria


Gender- Female

Appearance- Aria has long, red hair, either left down or up in a ponytail that she clearly spent less than a minute on, and one brown and one blue eye. She wears a T-shirt and jeans, as well as a blue hoodie, at all times. Her wings are skeletal in appearance (kind of like the wings of a Dark Bone Dragon, if that helps to explain it). She has pale white skin, and is relatively short for her age, often being mistaken for a 10-11 year old.

Personality- Aria has trust issues, meaning she will have a hard time trusting others, and will be difficult to befriend. However, if you can befriend her, she is a fiercely loyal friend who will do anything to protect those close to her. She is a complicated individual- she usually acts as though she is care-free, often making jokes (and many, many puns because I am addicted to making puns about anything and everything), however she is a lot more thoughtful than she lets on. In fact, she will often spend a lot of time alone, thinking. She will never tell another person what she is worried about, unless she really, really trusts that person, and prefers to keep that side of her to herself, not wanting to burden anyone else with her worries. To those she is closest to, she is incredibly kind-hearted, often putting their needs and wants far ahead of her own. She tends not to care one iota about what anyone thinks of her, but if someone insults one of her friends and she happens to overhear, she will defend her friend until the end of time. She is witty and strategic, using her mind over physical strength in almost every situation, since she is not particularly strong in a physical sense. However, while she lacks strength, she is quite agile, and often relies on her powers and ability to move around quickly instead of physical strength. She will usually try to be nice to everyone, simply because she figures if she is nice to them, they will probably at least be civil towards her, and she would prefer to avoid unnecessary conflict, unless, of course, the person in question is being rude to one of her friends.

Weapon- (Just one. Appearance may be provided) Aria does not use her weapon often, preferring to use her powers instead, but she does have a sword. It's a rather simple sword, since she rarely uses it she sees no need to have a fancy weapon. It has a plain, average appearance, but with a single sapphire in the hilt. It's also rather short in length, but not so short that it would be considered a knife or dagger, just short enough that it comfortably fits in a sheath on her back.

Abilities/ Skills- (Fire breath is not one) (I hope I did this right, 2 passives, 1 fighting, and 1 emotional, right? I can change it if I did this part wrong)
[Passive] Teleportation: (only small distances, of course; she won't be teleporting 2 miles in a second or anything crazy like that) She can teleport short distances, often used when dodging
[Passive] Bone shield: She can summon "bones" which will be like a shield to protect her or a friend
[Fighting] Bone attack: She can summon "bones" that will shoot towards her enemy
[Emotional] Blue Rage: When made seriously angry, she can freeze someone in place with her glare (idk if this makes sense... but basically it does nothing but a slight, brief paralysis so the person can't move for maybe 5 seconds? I can change it so it's less time if you would prefer)

Dragon Color - White, and very skeletal in appearance

Re: Roleplay - Dragiskis - Regestration Fourm - Please LOOK

PostPosted: September 2nd, 2017, 10:59:26 pm
by Goldenwolfmidna
SeriousSans wrote:[Emotional] Blue Rage: When made seriously angry, she can freeze someone in place with her glare (idk if this makes sense...

That is totally fine, it does make sense

May as well make another

PostPosted: September 5th, 2017, 9:04:49 pm
by Goldenwolfmidna
Form: (* marked fields are optional)

Name- Htatd (Tad) Efil

*Age- 13

Gender- M

Appearance- A thin boy with blonde hair, black and green dye in it, styled to the bottom of his neck. He wears a cloak with a leaf clasp, a skull on top of it. His cloak is balck, a green fringe on it, his tunic is green and black on the edges. He rarely shows his face, he has a long red scar on his eye. He is also half-blind. He wears tanned leather boots, he has a shield that is made with a wooden frame, leather stretched between. It is carelessly painted green and purple.

Personality- Very chill. He does not take sides in a fight, he is easygoing and a good friend, but he has a temper, he just saves that for the battlefield. He has trust issues (Duh) but if you're like him, he is very nice and easy. He is a complex person, he has some interesting backstory including almost cold-blooded murder.

Weapon- (Just one. Appearance may be provided)
Katana, light green with an ivy-like handle. The blade glows black and purple faintly, making it a light as well.

Abilities/ Skills- (Fire breath is not one)
[Passive] Poison: His blood is slightly poisonous
[Passive] Necromancy: When distressed, he will summon a skeleton to defend himself.
[Fighting] Dark Blast: Hurls a dark ball of energy at the enemy
[Emotional] Tangled Roots: When really, REALLY ticked off, he can summon plants that will wrap themselves around other people's feet.

Dragon Color - Forest green and a dark purple spiral on upper wings, purple fur on tail.

Re: Roleplay - Dragiskis - Regestration Fourm - Please LOOK

PostPosted: September 5th, 2017, 10:12:05 pm
by potioncat
Name- Emmy (Full name Emerald Dakota Raynott)

*Age- 13

Gender- Drakaina (Female)

Appearance- Light, but vibrant green with dark moss-green eyes. Small with normal-sized wings and a slightly short tail, with shortish horns and talons. Her face is narrow and pointed, and she has a limber physique. She wears an emerald-green hoodie and dark blue sweatpants most of the time, though her outfit changes from time to time.

Personality- Joyful, shy, kind, sweet, caring, thoughtful, talkative

Weapon- (Just one. Appearance may be provided) A wavy-shaped iron dagger with a crescent-moon type shape on the handle. (If allowed, can she have two? Because with daggers, you usually have two, not one, it just.. is cooler.)

Abilities/ Skills- (Fire breath is not one)
[Passive] She can talk to animals
[Passive] She can generate heat from her talons (palms)
[Fighting] She can create forcefields and can levitate things
[Emotional] If she sees someone threatening or hurting her friends, her voice gets deep and terrifying

Dragon Color - I said in her appearance, light, vibrant green with moss-green eyes

Re: Roleplay - Dragiskis - Regestration Fourm - Please LOOK

PostPosted: September 5th, 2017, 10:16:25 pm
by Goldenwolfmidna
All of them have fire breath

Re: Roleplay - Dragiskis - Regestration Fourm - Please LOOK

PostPosted: September 5th, 2017, 10:21:34 pm
by potioncat
Goldenwolfmidna wrote:All of them have fire breath


Re: Roleplay - Dragiskis - Regestration Fourm - Please LOOK

PostPosted: September 5th, 2017, 10:37:30 pm
by Goldenwolfmidna
Just a note...