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If you have image problems (or: how to clear your cache)

PostPosted: September 22nd, 2009, 12:51:00 pm
by Morgaln
When you have a problem with displaying the images on this site, most times just emptying your image cache will help.

This site will tell you how to do it in IE7, IE8 and Firefox.
This is for Chrome (Someone sent me that link, but I forgot who it was. Sorry and thank you anyway.)
Here's how to do it in Opera, thanks to ZionPercona: Tools->Preferences->Advanced->History->Clear Now (by the Disk cache drop-down menu)
Alternate Opera method, brought by GuardianPhoenix: Menu > Settings > Delete Private Data (select "Delete entire cache" from Dropdown)
For Safari, courtesy of GemTwist: Click Safari in the upper left hand corner. Select empty cache.

Edit: If anyone can supply information for other browsers, please send it to me by PM and I'll add it.