•      You find yourself at a mysterious stream. Floating down it are beautiful eggs, unlike any you've ever seen or heard of, decorated with odd scales and extraordinary colors. Some are already hatching, and you can see hints of what they might become. The water glows, almost beckoning you forward, and the trees seem to lean inward, as if by some enchantment. You have made an amazing discovery, and wish you could take an egg or two. These rare eggs can be raised into adults, if nurtured and raised well. If grown to adulthood, they can become beautiful and potent allies for any magi.
         Magi are magic wielders, students and teachers from all corners of the world, who spend their time traveling to distant lands, learning and experimenting in all forms of sorcery. Rare eggs help greatly in their travel, both in wizard wars and as steeds. Will you join the ranks of these wizards, and take on the responsibility and adventure these creatures promise to bring? Choose your own egg, and begin the journey.
         Simply click one to take it as your own. Don't see anything you want? The eggs you see are automatically updated faster than you can refresh! Eggs that are no longer available will be instantly replaced with new ones. Can't seem to find the egg you're looking for? Try the shops.

November Contest: Turkatrice Toxicity

Postby Thane » November 20th, 2014, 2:29:36 am

November Contest: Turkatrice Toxicity

Crown Prince Lavin's dogs have the run of the castle -except for his younger sister's tower. Recently she acquired a special kind of an amagnae to guard the door, and the vastly alarmed servants categorically refuse to enter. As Prince Lavin's albino direwolf Kira is the prized star of his hunting team, he remembered the Keep's aid and wrote a letter to Archmagister Thane requesting a special amagnae for his sister.

It would, he asked, be as fierce of appearance as any other otrovian amagnae in existence, but its venomous breath should be so weak as to pose no threat to servants -or dogs. In return for this favor, he will sponsor a magi of Thane's choosing for a year's worth of study in Synara City.

Archmagister Thane took the problem to the Herbalist guild, for he knew that some of its members were very interested in the otrovian amagnae; their breath is an essential ingredient in several potions. They revealed that although they are on a search for ever more potent poison, and while they did not have an otrovian amagnae ready to hand him, they HAD discovered a spell which reveals the toxicity of an adult otrovian amagnae's mist. And so long as he was checking anyway, they would be most obliged if he would direct them to the one with the most potent poison.

Hence our own quest: Find the otrovian amagnae with the smallest toxicity for Prince Lavin to give his sister, and one with the highest toxicity for the Herbalists.

The magi whose otrovian amagnae has the smallest toxicity, for Prince Lavin, will win a Styx Sphingid.
The magi whose otrovian amagnae has the highest toxicity, for the Herablist Guild, will win an Acheron Sphingid.

Important change; see this post.

  • The contest will run through midnight EST on the 27th of November (all day the 27th, not at all the 28th).
  • To enter to the competition please post a link or embedded link to your creature in this thread.
  • Only post ONE entry, i.e. one creature per thread. You may edit your entry until the competition closes, and you may switch which prize you are going for as much as you like.
  • DO NOT RESERVE POSTS; that makes the thread unnecessarily cluttered. Only post if you have a link to an adult amagnae in there. Otherwise, we can and will delete your post.
  • You may only win ONE prize. If you enter both the most poisonous and the least poisonous contest and would win both of them, we will determine randomly which one you're getting.
  • In case of a tie, all tied entrants get a prize.
  • Entries that have been edited AFTER the competition ends will be disqualified.
  • In your entry, post the otrovian amagnae you are entering in a VISIBLE fashion. No creatures in hidden tabs, or trades, please.
  • You must own the otrovian amagnae you enter. You cannot enter other people's creatures or creatures in trades.
  • The otrovian amagnae you enter to the competition will not be taken from you.
  • Members of the MS team are not eligible for prizes, but may enter if they desire. Previous monthly contest winners will not be eligible to win again for TWO MONTHS.

If you have any questions, let us know in this thread.

Please also note the following:
-To help you get started with your search, look for something new in the Keep
-The quest will take eligible creatures only from your Main tab
- Entries can be posted in the Competition Forum, in the appropriate thread.
-You can do the quest as many times as you like within the time frame. The quest will be available through November 27th EST.

October Contest Winners

by Morgaln » October 31st, 2014, 7:28:06 pm

Halloween creatures

by Morgaln » October 25th, 2014, 8:25:01 am

New quest: Candle in the Water

by Rosehill » October 9th, 2014, 8:38:31 pm


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