•      You find yourself at a mysterious stream. Floating down it are beautiful eggs, unlike any you've ever seen or heard of, decorated with odd scales and extraordinary colors. Some are already hatching, and you can see hints of what they might become. The water glows, almost beckoning you forward, and the trees seem to lean inward, as if by some enchantment. You have made an amazing discovery, and wish you could take an egg or two. These rare eggs can be raised into adults, if nurtured and raised well. If grown to adulthood, they can become beautiful and potent allies for any magi.
         Magi are magic wielders, students and teachers from all corners of the world, who spend their time traveling to distant lands, learning and experimenting in all forms of sorcery. Rare eggs help greatly in their travel, both in wizard wars and as steeds. Will you join the ranks of these wizards, and take on the responsibility and adventure these creatures promise to bring? Choose your own egg, and begin the journey.
         Simply click one to take it as your own. Don't see anything you want? The eggs you see are automatically updated faster than you can refresh! Eggs that are no longer available will be instantly replaced with new ones. Can't seem to find the egg you're looking for? Try the shops.

September Monthly Contest: Autumn Cleaning

Postby Naomi » September 10th, 2014, 12:00:02 am

“Alastair, I'm telling you, there is nothing back here. These storage rooms haven't been used for years, possibly even decades.” Naomi sneezed and glared at the puffs of dust her footsteps sent into the air. Her Arkenian Sunbeast, Alastair, was sniffling and snuffling at each bookshelf they passed, ignoring the dusty sneezes and mumbled curses coming from his mistress. Naomi sighed and reached into her pocket for the keys to the storage rooms. “We'll look in here, you'll see there's nothing around except maybe a lost Keep Spider, and then I can get back to work binding the copies of The Beginner's Guide to Direwolves that the Atramentums are copying...”

A faint scratching sound caught her attention. Naomi shook her head and tugged hard at the door. It didn't budge. “Remind me,” she muttered to Alastair as she yanked harder on the doorknob, “we need to speak to Master Thane about getting some students to clear out these rooms and fix these sticky doors-oh! There it goes!”

The door flew open and banged into the wall, sending huge clouds of dust into the air. Naomi and Alastair sneezed and coughed and choked on the dust, Naomi ineffectually batting at the air with her hands in an attempt to settle the air.

In the room, something moved.

Alastair growled at the movement, shaking his head to clear the dust from his eyes. Naomi leaned on the door frame, still sneezing lightly, and tried to focus her watering eyes on the room's inhabitant. “A bunny? Alastair, stop growling, you'll scare it.”

The bunny stared up at them, trembling in fear. With each shake of it's small frame, tiny puffs of dust drifted into the air. Alastair took a step forward and the bunny bolted for the back of the room, bigger dust clouds rising from it's paw prints. Naomi followed it with her eyes as it rounded the corner.

“See what you did, Alastair? Now we'll have to catch it.” A soft thumping noise caught her attention, and Naomi looked up to see the bunny return. A second bunny joined it, and a third, now two more, six more, a baker's dozen swarmed from under the furniture, their eyes fixed upon the librarian and her Sunbeast. More and more bunnies joined them, their eyes gleaming in the dim, dusty light.

Naomi laid her hand on Alastair's head. “Alastair, we're going to slowly back away. Very slowly. And we'll go to Master Thane right away.” In the room, a few bunnies started to creep forward. Naomi fumbled for the door, slamming it just as the wave of bunnies leap forward. Dust bloomed from the small crack at the bottom of the door, sending Alastair into a sneezing fit. Naomi sneezed once more and hurried from the Library.

“Master Thane, we've an infestation of cute, fluffy dust bunnies...”

The rules for this contest:

  • The three people who turn in the highest amount of dust bunnies win.
  • To turn in your bunnies, go to this place: quest/67
  • You can only turn in dust bunnies that are:
    - adult
    - unnamed
    - unlineaged
    - in your main tab
  • The quest will take all dust bunnies that follow the above specifications, so make sure you move any bunnies you want to keep out of your main tab. That way you can't lose them.
  • You can return to the quest as many times as you want within the time frame to hand in more dust bunnies
  • The quest will track the number of bunnies you handed in automatically.
  • Cleaning will go on until midnight between the 23rd and the 24th of September. After that, the quest will be closed.
  • Each of the three winners will receive a Daydreamer Amphithere. In the event of ties, all people that tied for a winning place will receive a prize.

Errata rules: Members of the MS team are not eligible for prizes, although they may enter. The winner of the previous monthly contest is not eligible to win, either. Winners of the DP prize will not be eligible to win another monthly contest for two months.

Alveus Is Now Explorable

by Thane » September 7th, 2014, 1:32:30 am

August Contest Winner

by Morgaln » August 27th, 2014, 1:10:21 pm

New user group

by Morgaln » August 17th, 2014, 5:36:43 pm


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